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Video listening comprehension and speaking exercise 1

Clips from various films/programs

Level Language Services S.L.U

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Video listening comprehension and speaking exercise 1

Have you ever been to a wedding?

Were there any surprises? Did anything "special" happen?

What would you do as a surprise for your best-friend at their wedding?
What makes a good gift?
Who do you give a gift to?
When do you give people gifts?
What is a typical "romantic" gift?
What sort of things do you use to wrap a gift?
Adventure Land
1. How many giant pandas is James allowed to give away?
Two per day
Three per day

2. Which department does James want to work in?

3. When the man says that James looks like more like a "games guy", he means that ____________________.
James looks like he plays a lot of video games
James would fit in better in the games "section"
James looks like he plays mind games with people

4. The general rule at the amusement park is that ___________________.
nothing is free
you can let your friends ride for free
you can let family members ride for free

5. The man ______________________.
seems somewhat interested in James' resume
wants to take a look at James' resume
doesn't really care about James' resume
Have you ever been to an amusement park?
Away we go!
Have you ever been abroad?
Has anyone close to you ever moved abroad?

1. Their parents are moving to Antwerp in _______________________.


2. Why is the young man upset?:

Because the parents will leave before the baby is born
Because the parents will still be around when the baby is born
Because he doesn't think Antwerp is an exciting city

3. How long had the parents been talking about moving before they finally decided to do it?:

5 years
10 years
15 years

4. How far will the parents be from their grandchild?:
3,000 miles
More than 3,000 miles
A little less than 3,000 miles

5. How does the father refer to Antwerp?:
He's excited
The city of light
In June
The lovely bones
How do you feel when your
Grandmother comes to stay?

Who invited the mother?
Her son-in-law
Her son
Her daughter

2. Why was the mother invited?
Because she's a problem-solver
Because she offered to help
Because she lives nearby

3. What does the mother tell the daughter as she walks into the house?
"Wash your hair, sweetheart."
"Watch your head, sweetheart."
"Watch the hair, sweetheart."

4. The mother thinks that Lindsey _______________.
is indifferent to her
hates her
likes her

5. What does "What will it be?" mean, in the context of this video?
"What would you like to drink?"
"What are we going to do today?"
"What would you like to eat?"
1. According to the black cat, how often does Bolt (the dog) leave the movie set?
• Two times a week
• Never
• Once a month
2. Are the cats really evil?
• No, they're just pretending to be evil to have fun with Bolt
• Yes
• The skinny one is evil, but the fat one isn't
3. Who is the cats' boss?
• The "green man"
• The "green eyed man"
• Bolt
4. The black cat thinks that Bolt's message to the "green eyed man" _____________________.
• is too long
• is not very nice
• is not necessary
5. What does the term "she's a goner" mean?
• She is not around
• She is not reliable
• She's doomed
Fawlty Towers
(The talking moose)
Watch the Video.
Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)?
1. Manuel speaks English.
2. The moose speaks English.
3. The major is surprised.
4. Basil Fawlty is angry.
Watch again and underline the word
you hear in the sentences.

are you sir?
2. I speak English
3. I learn it from a
4. Hello, Major. How are you
5. I'm
, thank you.
6. That's a remarkable
you have there Fawlty.
pounds, I think.
I think, Major.
Eat, Pray, Love
1. How long has Liz either "been with a guy or breaking up with a guy"?
• For the past 15 years
• Since she was 15
• 15 times
2. Liz's friend thinks Liz will miss her…..
• friends and family
• job
• city
3. Liz wants to …….
• increase her ability to work harder
• recover her appetite for life
• find the perfect spaghetti recipe
4. Liz thinks that Italy is a place where she will be able to …...
• get excited about life again
• relax
• go on a diet
5. Liz's friend thinks that Liz …...
• should go back to college
• should go talk with a college kid
• is behaving in an immature way
Do you ever feel like changing your life?
If so, how?
What would you do if you could
move things with your mind?
1. At the beginning of the clip, one of the boys tells his friend….
• to stop the car
• to walk into the supermarket
• a joke

2. The woman who is chasing her shopping cart yells out for someone to…..
• call the police
• grab the cart
• stop the boys

3. What does the teddy bear supposedly "tell" the girl?
• To be cool
• To go get her parents
• To stay in school

4. What does the boy with the sunglasses want to do?
• To make the other boy crash into something
• To pull the gum out of the other boy's mouth
• To scare the other boy

5. After the boys start running, one of them wonders…...
• why they're running
• why they did what they did
• why they keep filming what they do
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy
1. At the beginning of their conversation, the man in the office asks the man with the bike…..
• if everything is clear
• if he has clearance for his bike
• if he can ride his bike

2. The man jokingly refers to the people in the office as ….
• Cutthroats
• Blondes
• a bland bunch

3. Why does the man with the bike come to the office?
• To leave his bike
• To check out the new girl
• To talk business

4. Has (Roy) Bland seen the new girl yet?
• Yes
• No
• It's not specified

5. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the phrasal verb "to pop down"?
• To get angry
• To get off
• To come by
In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6.

In this scene a new girl joins the group.

When have you been in a similar situation?
What did you do the last time somebody new joined your group?
The Royal Tenenbaums
Has anyone close to you decided to leave forever?
How did you react? How would you react?
1. What does the man ask first?
• How long she plans to stay there
• How long she has been there
• How long have they known each other

2. She answers that:
• she doesn't know
• she hasn't decided
• she will stay for three months

3. Is she ever coming home?
• Probably
• Definitely not
• Maybe not

4. What does "You're joking" mean in this context?
• He thinks she's being funny
• He doesn't want to believe her (the truth hurts)
• He thinks she's playing a game

5. So what does the man feel like doing?
• Eating some bread
• Dying
• Talking
1. Loki is ______________ the "cage" he's in.
• not impressed by
• ambivalent to
• impressed by

2. The cage was supposedly built for ______________.
• someone as strong as Loki
• someone stronger than Loki
• someone much weaker than Loki

3. Loki refers to the Hulk as a "mindless ______________".
• man
• creature
• beast

4. Which of the following does Nick (the man with the eye patch) NOT accuse Loki of?
• Killing for financial profit
• Threatening to start a war
• Stealing

5. Loki _____________ Nick's plans for humanity.
• respects
• mocks
• wants to understand
Pigeon Impossible
Washington DC
Rocket launcher
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