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The Bait By John Donne

No description

Anne Robinson

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Bait By John Donne

By Anne Robinson Youtube link to the poem Form/ Meter Rhyme Scheme Alteration 6 stanzas
4 lines per stanza
It's Meter is a tetrameter
because of its rhyme scheme... The Rhyme scheme is
MMNN Key Literary elements The Bait By John Donne Background The Bait is a response to Christopher Marlowe's poem the "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love". There are several Alterations in the poem such as : thou thyself art thine from line 22 in stanza 6 Metaphor the main metaphors of fish and bait for men and women. The Poem compares men flocking to a woman to the way fish are drawn to bait.
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