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Amy Dunne- Gone Girl

No description

Sarah Dyer

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Amy Dunne- Gone Girl

Amy Dunne- Gone Girl
Amy's extreme intelligence, distorted self-concept, identity issues, and manipulative and enticing personality are a dangerous and even destructive combination for herself and those around her.
Humanistic Theory- Rogers
Identity Issues- Marcia
2 distinct parts form identity: crisis and commitment
There are 4 different stages- Diffusion, Foreclosure, Moratorium, Achievement
Moratorium- the subject is currently in a crisis, exploring various commitments and is ready to make a choice, but has not made a commitment
Antisocial Personality Disorder
Individuals lack empathy, have an inflated sense of self worth, and have superficial charm
Symptoms are:
Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
Using charm or wit to manipulate others
Intense ego centrism
To be diagnosed, one has to be over 18, these symptoms have to be persistent, and it cannot be a manic episode... this is who they are consistently
Intelligence- Focusing on Sternberg's Theory
3 intelligences- analytical (academic success), creative (novel ideas, ability to adapt), and practical (ability to change oneself and others, read people)
Correlation between very intelligent people and Antisocial Personality Disorder...
People are innately good and strive toward growth and fulfillment
Everyone has a self-concept, which is the perception of personal abilities, behaviors, and characteristics
Distorted self-concept occurs when one believes that love is conditional, and as a result, one questions their self worth
Crisis- money problems and Missouri
Lack of Commitment- does not have interests or friends
Background on Amy...
mid 30s Caucasian female
has been married to Nick Dunne for 5 years
currently unemployed
recently moved to North Carthage, Missouri from NYC
rubs people the wrong way-- very "ivy league" and cold
had an interesting childhood-- her parents plagiarized and embellished her childhood and wrote a book series called "Amazing Amy"
Concerns for Amy
She faked her own disappearance/death to punish Nick for his affair
goes to the lengths of creating a diary with over 300 entries which frame Nick, both true and false, for the police to find
She killed Desi Callings, her ex-boyfriend as part of her plan to come home to Nick
Amy has no support network or friends
Amy's Antisocial Personality Disorder makes it very hard for her to have normal relationships, and she will never be able to overcome the disorder because it has dominated her life for so long. As a result of her disorder, I don't think Amy's identity issues and self-concept distortion can be repaired because they are all intertwined so closely. Amy's intelligence is the only redeeming quality about her, and she even uses it for evil. I don't think Amy will ever be able to function with others or understand empathy or love.
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