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Old Man of the Temple

No description

Cecilia Wong

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Old Man of the Temple

Old Man of the Temple
R.K. Narayan

This story takes place in a small village in India. While the characters are traveling through the village of Koopal. The driver Doss encounters an old man stumbling out of a temple, that has long since been abandoned. Although the narrator could not see the old man, Doss seems to carry on a conversation with the him. After this conversation Doss started acting strange, complaining of being dizzy and lightheaded. Soon after he blacks out, he awakes a few minutes later and is a completely different person. Here we are introduced to the character Krishna Battar who has inhabited Doss's body. This character has no recognition of time or place and is stuck in the temple because he refuses to accept the fact that he died over 500 years ago.
Rising Action
The narrator and his driver, Doss are traveling through a village.
They encounter an abandoned temple.
Doss sees an old man stumble out of the temple and onto the road.
Doss gets angry at the man for stumbling onto the road.
The old man disappears and Doss starts to act strange.
Doss passes out
He wakes up and claims to be Krishna Battar.
Krishna tells the narrator of his travels and the narrator comes to a shocking conclusion.
R. K. Narayan
R. K. Narayan's full name is Rasipuram Krishanswami Iyer Narayanswami. He was born in Chennai India on October 10, 1906. He is best known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. He studied at the University of Mysore and he has one brother who is a famous cartoonist. He died in Chennai India on May 13, 2001. He was 5 years away from celebrating his 100th birthday.
Vocabulary Words
Seldom- not often
Sobriety- the state of being sober
Awry- not straight
Brambles- a prickly vine or shrub
Bullocks- young bulls
Tremble- shack involuntarily
Gloomy- dark or poorly lit
Ignorance- lack of knowledge
Longevity- long life
Imperative- crucial
Erect- rigidly straight
Venture- an action involving risk
Chariot- a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in ancient warfare and racing
Puzzling- causing one to be puzzled; perplexing
Swerve- change or cause to change direction abruptly
Vigorously- in a way that involves physical strength, effort, or energy; strenuously
Personal Opinion of the Story
For Samantha, Aaron, and Cecilia we all think that the story is very interesting and unique. However all of us were kinda puzzled about the story the first time we read it, but we started to discuss it together and we got a better understanding of it.
Falling Action
After their discovery the old man goes into shock.
The narrator helps him remember how he died.
After this he wants to move on but does not know how.
The narrator helps him remember his wife.
After much concentration he was able to picture his wife waiting for him on the other side.
The narrator and the talkative man
realize that the old man, who has
inhabited Doss, that was dead for
hundreds of years.
The man thinks of his wife and leaves in peace. After his departure Doss wakes up and is oblivious to everything that has happened since he blacked out. The narrator and Doss continue on their trip, and no one has ever heard of the old man since.
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