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Kosovar Music

Our Non-Western presentation on the roots, history, and present music of Kosovo.

Mandie Rose

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Kosovar Music

Instruments: Kanun Kemence ney Oud tanbur Just Kidding. But seriously. Let's go back to the beginning: 14th century to 20th century Albania Northern Albania: Ghegs Skanderbeg Southern Albania Mellow, yellow... Urban Albanian Music Today's Albanian Popular Music Early Albanian Popular Music The War... The Shift. Serbia Kosovo National Anthem Mendi Mengjiqi Albanian Folk Music Eight-year-old circumcision ceremony Weddings SHKURTE FEJZA - XHAMADANI VIJA The old folks love their folk! Kosovo Philharmonic Beethoven's 9th Western Harmonies Western Textures Western Mediums Kosovo National Anthem Rock per Rock, Polifest, Showfest, Videofest, and Kush Kendon Lutet Dy Here Modern rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Metal, Jazz, and even Christian Contemporary music POLIFEST Let's play a game! Lady GaGa feat Beyoncé - Telephone Aurela Gaçe ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale VS. Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) VS. VS. Pretty darn similar, huh? RECAP TIME! Turkish Music Albanian Pop Kosovar Pop MILEY! Dafina- Amazing Girl Lil Jon- Snap Yo Fingers Mc Kresha - Lej Flleshat Albania KOSOVO The Musical Journey By: S'mores and Rootskies The Ottomon Empire Turkish Folk Music Music Theory Techno! POP! RAP! Miley attacks the Kosovar pre-teen world!
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