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Year 7 English: 'What is Literature?' Part 1

An introduction to the ideas of texts, genres and the elements of literature.

Matthew McDonald

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Year 7 English: 'What is Literature?' Part 1

What is
Literature is a really broad term, and can include a range of written, spoken and multimodal TEXTS.
‘Literature’ can be broken down into two types of texts:
FICTIONAL TEXTS, which are about made-up people, events and places.
NON-FICTION TEXTS, which are about real people, events and places.
With your buddy, brainstorm as many different fiction and non-fiction texts as you can.
You have 2 MINUTES to come up with as many as possible!
When we’re talking about ‘TEXTS’ in English, we’re talking about anything that contains a STORY.
A text can be true or imaginary...
...long or short...
...written, aural (sounds) or visual...
...static (unchangable) or interactive…
So how can we categorise or group texts?
What types of texts exist?
We can group texts together based upon WHAT they are
(i.e. their FORM)
With your partner, brainstorm 5 broad categories of texts, and then two sub-categories for each.
We can group texts together based upon their SUBJECT MATTER (i.e. what they are about).
This is sometimes called a text's 'genre'.
Write down at least 6 different genres of stories.
1. What is your favourite book?

2. Why is this your favourite book?
Does it have a really interesting plot?
Do you like the characters?
Is it because of the setting
Is it because of the style in which it's written?
3. Write a short blurb of your own for your favourite book. Make it sound really interesting so that others will be tempted to read it!
(50-100 words)
In English, we will mainly be focusing on NOVELS and FILMS.
Since you're going to be looking at various novels, let’s have a look at what makes up a novel:
Style and Form
SETTING refers to where and when a story is set (the time period, town, country, planet, alternate universe, or any other time or place conceivable).
CHARACTERS are the people (or animals, aliens, sentient plants, animated blobs, etc…) that inhabit the story.
The PLOT is what actually happens in the story – it’s the events which drive everything forward.
THEMES are the underlying messages or ideas which the author is trying to explore through telling this story.
The different STYLES or FORMS that a novel can take on are nearly endless. How is it written? As a diary? As a short story? A poem? Blog? Newspaper? Who is telling the story? What language is used? And so on …
Answer the following questions individually on a sheet of loose-leaf paper:
Part 1
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