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Garrett Morgan

No description

aneisa mustafa-reid

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan
Gas Mask
Traffic Signal
Garrett Morgan
Garrett Morgan was born on March 4,1877 in Paris, Kentucky .His early childhood was spent attending school and working on the family farm with his brothers and sisters.Garrett Morgan attended school until 5 grade . While he was still a teenager he moved to Cincinnati,Ohio where he found
work reparing sewing machines that work gave him intrest in how machines function.
After witnessing a collision between a horse drawn carriage and automobile then Garrett Morgan was inspired to create the traffic signal. Garret Morgan was one of the first to apply for and aquire a US pateint to produce a traffic signal. The pateint was granted on November 20th 1923. Morgan also had his invention patend in Great Britain and Canada.
The three positions were STOP, Go and ALL-Directional STOP position. The All-Directional STOP allowed walkers to cross traffic safely.
Garrett Morgan passed away on August 27,1963 died in Cleveland,Ohio at the age of 86.
Thanks for watching my prezi
about the inventor Garrett Morgan. I hope you enjoyed it
After seeing fire fighters struggling with the smoke
that they encountered ,which inspired Garrett Morgan to
invent the safety hood.It was invented on October 13, 1914.July 25, 1916 Garrett Morgan made national news putting his new invention to the test he saved 23 men trapped during explosion in an under ground tunnel 250 ft beneath Lake Erie.After the rescue Morgan's company recived request from fire departments from all over the country who want to buy the safety hood. Later the safety hood used for the U.S army.
IB Character Traits
Garrett Morgan's character traits
were : caring because he thought about the pepole around him. inventions help make the world a beter place.
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