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Darcy Aylen

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

2050 The community 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Key points on who to take: Key points on what to take: Even though we look very carefully on how we are doing this, there is still a chance that it wont work. Therefore, Emergency Food and Water supplies are compulsory. We would need to send back a time machine, just in case something happens that means everyone and everything has to come back. Other supplies that would be good to take would be Building Materials and Important animals. Even seeds can help. It's 2050. Our world is overpopulated and still growing. A device has been invented that can send people and items back in time. Our government has decided to send carefully selected people and resources back in time to the dinosaur era to start civilization afresh in a world untouched by humans. Our job is to work out who and what to take. What would it look like? As you know, there are some people that don't get along to well. The housing program would have to be carefully placed. There would have to be jobs, otherwise everyone would become lazy and the community as a whole would not be able to sustain the resources. We don't want to push anyone to work as something they don't want to be, so we worked out a program that splits up certain areas into intelligences/interests. Everyone would be schooled until 18, then they would get to choose what interests they have for their future. They would also be able to move interests/intellegences at any time. Where do we send the 1000 people? What will happen if we bring too many? Who to take: We decided to take 500 men and 500 women. 250 men and 250 woman should have dark skin, so everyone can be different. The 250 white men and woman have to be non-racist so that no one is sad or hurt. All 1000 people would have to be happy, nice people. Kin 3 Digitopia Area 1 How many people do we take? Who and what to take How will it work? Obviously, people have their own view on life. People have their own intelligences, meaning that not everyone will get along.
People will want their own way, and as life today, they will push for wealth, power and most of all money. In our Digitopia, everyone will be equal. There will be no upper class people, middle class people or lower class people. The new world We need to bring enough people that our new society wont die down after a while. If we bring too many, society will turn out the same. If we don't bring enough, our new society will die down. TOO MANY PEOPLE!! TOO MANY! Perfect amount Not enough If we bring too many people, the world will turn out as it did in 2050. We just kept growing and growing, the world will overpopulate again. 1000 people 500 women 500 men 1 0 0 0 p e o p l e -37,950BC 40,000 years ago, the world was untouched by humans. That would mean that the best time to send our people and items would be -37,950 The housing program School Government house College/University JAIL Hospital Fire brigade Meeting place (There will be a better view of what it will look like in area 2) Entertainment sporting arenas/training Electronics Literature/teachers Media Science Artistic/creative FARMING Emergency supplies Water storage/pump Food storage system Media house TIME MACHINE Kindergarten We already know that there are many people that don't get along. This means the selection of people we take will have to be carefully looked at. * No racist people
* Equal light and dark skinned people
* Either same language or teach them languages
* Same or no religion
* Different interests or everyone will be the same For Against What to take * TIME MACHINE
* BIKES [transportation] Strictly NO GAS that will harm the environment * A new start for humanity
* Better use of the resources from the past
* Diseases and Pollution from today might never exist * If something goes wrong, it can be very dangerous
* The world might turn out the same as it is today Thank you for watching Darcy Aylen
Matteo Passalcqua
Holly Peacock
Oliver Humphris
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