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Have a think...

No description

Rachael Hammond

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Have a think...

'The value you place on TUI is as important as that of our customer's: we want you to go forward each day looking forward to working with us towards a sustainable future - with you in it!'
Hard work & professionalism
Job satisfaction
Brand leadership & customer service
Changing the way we think....
200 brands & 58,000 employees & a number of successful acquisitions
Market leaders - 18 million customers & €14bn turnover
€4,960bn towards global economy in 2005
But…employees play a role in reducing the gap between desired brand identity and that perceived by our stakeholders¹…are we paying
them enough attention?

But…our impact on the environment is hard to ignore (aviation alone is responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions²).

But…the traditional package holiday is in decline³ – did our restructuring in April change the way our stakeholder’s perceive us?

PR Plan Objectives
To maintain an integrated work culture across all TUI brands to ensure TUI employees are working together as 'Brand Leaders'. Using employee surveys: we would also like to see engagement between upper management and employees, as well as employee satisfaction increase by 20% in 12 months.

To increase and improve appreciative awareness of TUI’s managerial success and overall contribution to the travel industry by 20% for 2008, by surveying industry experts, holiday makers and frequent travelers.

To illustrate ethical responsibility and sustainability in an industry that continues to have an impact on the environment and society by reducing our carbon footprint by 10% before 2020.

To maintain growth as a reputable and innovative organisation and a key leader in the European tourism industry and increase profits by 10% in 12 months.

Key Messages
Employees & Future Employees
Management & Directors
Managers must lead and maintain internal communication to staff, investors and customers across all 200 brands.
Engaging with staff is key.
Our work towards sustainability should be communicated as one of our top priorities.
Key Messages
End Customers & Future/Target Customers
'TUI will continue to deliver unique and memorable holidays at a price you can afford and you can rest assured, our work towards reducing our carbon footprint means that you're working together with us towards a sustainable future.'
'We want to work alongside you to build and maintain innovation in products and infrastructure, as well as educate and inform, to ensure that our end customer can see a sustainable future.'
Financial & Governments
'We are working with our suppliers using the latest technology, creating as many jobs all over the world and building 'greener holidays' to work towards a sustainable future and memories you will not forget.'
'Not only do we continue to deliver growth and profitability, as an investor, you can see our developments in technology and education in sustainability across our organisation rise.'
: employees, management, investors
: to maintain & integrate work culture across all brands & communicate value of 'brand leaders' and sustainability. Attract interest of fund managers and future investors.
: continuous (surveys issued every 12 months).
: increasing engagement, educating staff, increasing motivation and brand value (e.g. implementing 'Brand Leaders' programme).
Strategy #1: Internal Communication
good external relations
motivation & productivity
better license to work in community
Theaker (2008)
Impact on shareprice (Cowlett, 1999)
68% of customers defect
due to staff attitudes (study by
Journal of Marketing
41% of customers are likely to return if staff 'treat them well' (MORI/MCA, 1999)
Theaker (2008)
Moss & DeSanto (2011)
Strategy #2: Media Relations
Bland et al (1996) define media relations as a way to
'enhance' reputation
& establish
'good-working relationships'
with journalists (good building blocks for the future).
: future/current employees, publics, commercial (current and future customers), governments, active shareholders and potential investors.

: maintain and build awareness of TUI as an established yet innovative organisation, working towards sustainability and creating bespoke, 'green' holidays

: media relations campaign over 2-3 months. survey to public issued every 12 months.

: conferences, interviews, using social media, media coverage in TripAdvisor, Guardian (for example), lifestyle bloggers, measuring website hits and number of clippings and articles in print & online.
Strategy #3: CSR
IBLF (2003) (cited by Dahlsrud, 2006) defines CSR as 'open and transparent business practices based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment, which will contribute to sustainable business success'.
all of our stakeholders.
illustrate our CSR: we are ethical and we are working towards a sustainable future.
survey publics & end customers every 12 months. Aim to work on a continuous basis with our communtities and the environment and measure our carbon footprint on a yearly basis.
community relations, working with our suppliers for innovation, volunteer activities, internal publications, 'greener holidays'.
'Social responsibility is just a PR tool'
- The Guardian (2004)
Changing Perceptions
Employees & Future Employees
Our Stakeholders
Management & Directors
20% of communication effort (Gregory, 2000)
The key to establishing an 'effective communication system' between upper management and staff
(Theaker, 2008).
Active shareholders and investors require 10% of our communication effort (Gregory, 2008).
Cutlip et al (1985) mention 'the start' (attracting new employees) as a 'vital' stage of effective communication.
End customers
Retail customers
Opinion formers
Pressure groups
Local community
Local governments
Civil service
Potential investors
Fund managers
To conclude:

²ATAG (2014) Facts and Figures. [online] Available at: <http://www.atag.org/facts-and-figures.html> [Accessed on 23rd December 2013]

Bland, M., Theaker, A., and Wragg, D. (1996) Effective Media Relations: How to Get Results. London: Kogan Page Limited

Broom, M. G., and Dozier, M. D. (1995) Evolution of the Manager Role in Public Relations Practice. Journal of Public Relations Research. [online] Vol: 7 (1) Available through: T and F Online. [Accessed 10th January 2014]

¹Chernatony, L., and Harris, F. (2010) Corporate branding and corporate brand performance. European Journal Of Marketing. [online] Vol. 35 (3/4), pp.441-456. Available through: Emerald Insight. [Accessed 28th December 2013]

Cutlip, S. M., Center, A. H. and Broom, G.M. (1985) Effective Public Relations, (6th ed). Prentice Hall

Dahlsrud, A. (2006) How Corporate Social Responsibility is Defined: an Analysis of 37 Definitions. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. [online] Vol: 15 (1), pp.1-13. Available through: Wiley Online Library. [Accessed 12th December 2013]

Gregory, A. (2000) Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns. London: Kogan Page Limited

Moss & DeSanto (2011) Public Relations: A Managerial Perspective. London: SAGE Publications

³Rogers, D. (2005) Opinion: Leader - Embracing change is right strategy for TUI.
, [online] (15th April). Available at: <http://www.prweek.com/article/470915/opinion-leader---embracing-change-right-strategy-tui> [Accessed on 3rd January 2014]

Theaker, A. (2008) The Public Relations Handbook. Oxon: Routledge

The Guardian (2004) Social responsibility is just a PR tool for businesses, says report. [online] 21st January. Available at: <http://www.theguardian.com/business/2004/jan/21/voluntarysector.society> [Accessed on 12th December 2013]
Online, instore, over the phone
TripAdvisor, lifestyle bloggers
Green Peace, Friends of the Earth
The Guardian, The Times, Marketing Week
Communication Managers & Technicians
'Communication is intelligence' - Gregory (2000)
PR is not just about dealing with the public, it is about dealing and managing many different groups of people and appreciating their different information needs.

It is not just about our level of 'popularity' but our reputation and our ability to generate 'goodwill and understanding'

Theaker (2008)
(Broom & Dozier, 1955)
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