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Presentation on creating leaders within communities in a residential complex

derek gardiner

on 6 February 2010

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Transcript of LEAD.COMmunity

LEAD.COMmunity VISION Creating community leaders within a complex with the ability
to organize and solve complex issues that effect peoples lives STORY STRATEGY Gather
Experts Invite Key
Members Train
Wiki Solutions
Blog Examples Sustain GOAL Rescue the Perishing
Create Leaders
Inherit Influence Complex people Maranatha Guy Local Church Lawyer Construction Finance Information Repositories Ways and places of storing information learned from experiences that can benifit others Blog Wiki YouTube Publically telling of experiences from a Christian perspective Recording Facts Mass media public campeigns and experiences 18% 250x0.18=45 (45*2)/9=10 16x0.18=3 Aiming for Sustaining Teach Practice Break Away Bible SMS
Bible Email
Guest Speaker Prayer
"You do it" Team Culture
Coffee Shop
Church Plot Units CELLS TARGETS Cast our nets to the other side of the boat
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