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What You Need to Know - June, 2011

Dean of Students Office at Iowa State University presents important information to Orientation participants.

Keith Robinder

on 29 May 2012

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Transcript of What You Need to Know - June, 2011

Enjoy your Adventure at Iowa State! The Dean of Students Office Every student. Every step of the way. What You Need to Know Iowa State University Dean of Students Office
Iowa State University Police We are glad you are here. ISU Police The Dean of Students Office at Iowa State University supports student-centered learning through personal, community and academic development culminating in a transformative learning experience. We are here to help you succeed. Every student. Every step of the way. The Dean of Students Office
plays a vital role in
each student's success. From programs and services that incorporate human diversity
to experiences that empower
students as leaders,
the Dean of Students Office
promotes a sense of belonging for
every student at Iowa State. The Dean of Students Office
creates opportunities for students
to be academically successful and
challenges students to be
independent, responsible learners. Academic Success Center 1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center Academic resources and support
Strengthen study and time management skills
Tutoring or Supplemental Instruction 0355 Memorial Union Information about joining a fraternity or sorority
Support or assistance as a current fraternity or sorority member
Facility information regarding contracts, meals and housing costs Greek Affairs 1080 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center Hixson Opportunity Awards Programs and services for Hixson Scholars
Background on the award requirements
Resources and facilities of the Hixson Program To learn about student rights and responsibilites
To report misconduct
To understand the student discipline process Judicial Affairs 1010 Student Services Building Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender Student Services Support and advocacy related to sexuality, gender identity and gender expression
Education and resources surrounding sexuality and gender
Pride, community or to get involved 1064 Student Services Building Programming and education to achieve equity for women
Support, resources and advocacy
Safe and empowering space for all people Margaret Sloss Women's Center Sloss House 2080 Student Services Building To learn about programs/services for multicultural students
A forum to discuss issues important to multicultural students
A place to interact with students of diverse backgrounds Multicultural Student Affairs National Student Exchange 1080 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center Road map for studying around the United States
Build a unique program of study
Explore internships, graduates schools and careers Parents' Association We're here to help: 800-772-8546 Talk with ISUPA Board Members tonight at Munch and Mingle or tomorrow at the Resource Fair
Learn more about Discounted Cyclone Family Weekend Football Tickets
Purchase Raffle tickets for FREE TUITION!
Ask about joining our Board of Directors 2220 State Gymnasium Recreation Services A fitness program rich in variety and intensity levels
An intramural program that has "something for everyone"
An outdoor program that offers trips, and climbing wall To notify faculty about an emergency absence
Assistance locating resources
Help navigating a personal emergency 1010 Student Services Building Student Assistance Student Disability Resources 1076 Student Services Building Accessiblity assistance
Note takers, readers or sign interpreters
Resources to cope with your disablity Student Legal Services 0367 Memorial Union Free legal advice
Help with rental issues
A document notarized 2010 Student Services Building Student Support Services Program Information about TRiO programs
Support for first generation, low-income, or students with disabilities
A home away from home We are proud of the contributions
each of our departments
makes along the way. We collaborate with the
University community
to help all students succeed.
We partner with students,
parents and families
to facilitate access to resources. We are here to help you succeed. 33 State Certified Police Officers
3 patrol shifts
Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Detectives: investigate cases, provide follow up and conduct threat assessments
Located in the Armory Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Lock your residence, vehicle or bike
Mark your belongings; keep records
Never leave property unattended
Familiarize yourself with campus
Be aware of your surroundings
Report suspicious persons or activity Common Sense Responsibilities ISU Alert Subscribe through Access Plus
Cellular & “Land Line” Telephones
Text Messages
Campus Sirens and Public Address System
ISU Website: www.iastate.edu Iowa State's Emergency Response System Safety Escorts: 6pm – 6am
Help Van
Vehicle Unlocks
Emergency Phones
Liaison Programming
Outreach Services Other ISUPD Safety Services 515-294-4444 Still Have Questions? Dean of Students & ISU Police Check us out at the Resource Fair
Tomorrow in the Memorial Union Every student. Every step of the way. Iowa State University Police
55 Armory
(Corner of Pammel and Bissell)
515-294-4428 One more thing... The Dean of Students Office and
ISU Police are here to help no matter what adventures lie ahead... Life long friends... Cyclone Nation! Unexpected
crisis... Becoming
independent... Bullying... Car problems... Dean's List... VEISHEA... Cyclone Family Weekend... Roommate concerns... Discovering
who you are... Sexual harassment
or misconduct... Leadership opportunities... Finals Week... Homesickness... What advice do ISU students
have for you today? ISU Police Have a great year! Dean of Students Office
1010 Student Services Building
515-294-1020 dsjkhksjdh Whatever happens,
start with us... We're here to help! Every student. Every step of the way. Football
games... Our Mission: Ahna's Advice: "Connect with faculty." Osomiyor's advice: "Be open minded." Christen's advice: "Be true to yourself." Erich's advice: "Ask for help." Lars' advice: "Get involved." No matter what adventures are ahead.
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