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The Lost Boy

No description

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Lost Boy

Dave Pelzer had a beautiful, normal family. Until his parents started drinking. He was around 4 or 5 years old when it began. His parents started fighting and his mother took it out on him. At first it was just a shove or a slap, but it rapidly increased to real physical abuse. She started feeding him scraps once a day, if he was lucky. His father tries to stand up for him but he is useless against "the mother". And then the treatments came if he did anything wrong (which was everything in his mothers eyes.) The treatments could be anything that would torture him. In this book David, or as "mother" calls him 'It', He starts out 9 years old. By now he is used to her games. He lives in cloths for clothes, sleeps in the garage, and has learned to steel food. Father has given up on David by now. One day mother is beating David again. One of fathers rare tries, puts David in a bad position. Mother gives him an option: To stay and deal with his life or go out in the world, to see how long he could last. Just as expected, David makes a run for it, not long after did hear mothers station wagon and of course he runs into a restaurant. Only to be called on by the police, David spills the family secret. He is put into a foster home, and pressed charges against Mrs. Pelzer. But to David it couldn't have gone worse. He was alone, he was scared. He had no one. But soon he got along and found a home. Mrs. Catanze. She was nice and he ended up getting close to the family and his new school, but he made a bad choice in a friend, who framed David for burning down the school even though David didn't do it. After going to Juvenile Detention, David gets a new family that he also enjoys, The Turnonboughts. David loves his foster parents but eventually is split from them and goes through several other foster homes. He makes good friends along the way. He eventually goes back to the Turnonbbboughts, and they adopt him. David finally has a family who loves him.

The Lost Boy
The second book in The Child Called It

By Ashley Guttin
Period: 5th

Time Line
A Survivor...
Dave Pelzer
Dave Pelzer
He is 52 years old. (Birthday: December 29),
He is famous for surviving an abusive child hood. The story took place around 1970-1980 ish. He was around 10-20 when this particular book took place .
Important Events~
Dave's mom lets him go.
Dave goes to his first foster home.
Dave goes to court against his mother.
Dave goes to many foster homes
Dave is framed for burning down a school and goes to Juvenile Detention.
Dave goes back to his 2nd foster home and they adopt him, he finally has a family.
Mini Movie
Mom sending Dave away.
Dave at court.
Burning down school.
New foster home.
“You have to understand that in a person's life there are a few precious moments in which decisions, choices that you make now, will affect you for the rest of your life.”
5 adjectives to describe him-
1,) Wise
2.) Mature
3.) Brave
4.) Determined
5.) Smart

Important Quotes
Teachers that helped save Dave
-Life Lesson-
I learned from Dave Pelzer that i am very, very thankful for being blessed with a loving, healthy, and understanding family. Dave's family was ashamed of him, they were drunks, and they didn't care about him. My family loves and supports me, they do what they can to help me. Most people including myself, take their family's for granted. But without a loving family, we have nothing. David taught me that having a loving family means more than anything , he never had that as a child, and not on;y did hid own mother love him, but beat him. I could never imagine a life like his which is why i am so thankful for my fami.y
Super Resources
My Book Resources: The Lost Boy

My Internet Resources:

Dave Pelzer was named one of the 10 Outstanding Americans in 1993.
Dave's mom on her wedding day
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