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World War 1

No description

Michael McLaughlin

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of World War 1

Tyra Douglas
Jack Garruto
Michael McLaughlin
British Blockade
German Provacation
Germans ignored Wilsons call for peace
Kaiser announced that he would attack all ships in British waters, nuetral or enemies, on sight.
Wilson held back declaring war until "actual over acts" happened.
Zimmermann Note- Letter from German Minister to German Ambassador in Mexico that was intercepted by British agents.
Critical Thinking
Do you feel that the Germans should have kept attacking British and American ships?
Students will make a collage of pictures that represent Britains blackade, Germany's attacks,etc...
The First World War Begins

Explain why the United States entered the war
The War Hits Home
Although many Americans favored allies over the central powers they did not want to help fight. (Famliy Decendents)
By 1917, America pushed towards war for two reasons:
1 ) to make sure the Allies' repayed their debts back to the US
2) to prevent the Germans from threating tacking over allied trading partners
Question #1
German U-Boat Response
Where is Germany, Britian, and the U.S on the map above?
The 1916 Election
The US Declares War
Question # 2
Explain why the Americans decided to fight in WWI?
The British began using it naval strength.
They blockaded Germany stopping weapons and other Military supplies from coming in.
Soon after they stopped allowing food creating famine across the country.
About 750,000 germans died.
Germans response to the blockade out raged the American publics opinion.

Question #3
In November 1916 Woodrow Wilson was renominated by the Democrats.
The Republicans had nominated supreme court justice Charles Evans Hughes
The polls were close and Hughes believed he had won, he woke in the morning to find out Wilson had been elected
Germany responded to the British blockade with their own U-boat (Submarines) counterblockade.
Lusitania (1915) was sunken by the U-Boats. Casulties= 1,198, and 128 were Americans.
Germany defended their cause of sinking the ship by saying that they believed there was ammunition on the ship.
Germany also attacked the Arabic and the Sussex
Germany agreed to change its tactics under a condition: if the United States could persade Britian to lift the blackade against Germany they would consider to stop the attacks.
How is using their naval strength important to Britain?
Question #4
How does Germany U-Boats attack back?
Wilson tried to mediate the warring allinences but failed.
In a speech Wilson called for "a peace without victory... a peace between equals". he wanted all nations to join in a league of peace.
Student Activity
Question #5
What would you predict would happen if the U.S got involved?
German Submarine
the U-Boat
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