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david szczur

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Snowbound

• “Snow-Bound” is written in iambic tetrameter.
Iambic Tetrameter: every foot has a stressed syllable, then an unstressed syllable. There are four feet in every line (lines 31-34).
• The Rhyme scheme is AABBCC...
Every once in a while, the rhyme scheme breaks such as in lines 11-14 where the scheme changes to ABBA, after, it resumes the original rhyme scheme. Places faith in inner experience and the power of imagination.
Shuns the artificiality of civilization and seeks unspoiled nature.
Contemplates nature's beauty as a path to spiritual and moral development.
Finds beauty and truth in exotic locales, the supernatural realm, and the inner world of imagination.
Finds inspiration in myth, legend, and folk culture.
Sees poetry as the highest expression of the imagination. We gazed upon an unknown world. Couplet: Two lines rhyme and have the same meter.
"Unwarmed by any sunset light/ The gray day darkened into night." (31-32)
Personification: giving inanimate objects human characteristics.
"And whirl-dance of the blinding storm/ As zigzag, wavering to and fro." (34-35)
Simile: a comparison between unlike things using like or as.
"And through the glass the clothesline posts/ Looked in like tall and sheeted ghosts." (39-40)
Allusion: a reference in a literary work to a person, place or thing in history.
"Like Egypt's Amun roused from sleep." (90)
Imagery: figurative description or illustration.
"The sun that brief December day/ Rose cheerless over hills of gray." (1-2) Snowbound- A Winter Idyll Poem in Six Words Romantic Characteristics Rhyme and Meter Key Literary Elements Idyll •An idyll is a simple descriptive or narrative poem in verse or prose, usually about pastoral scenes.
•“Snow-Bound” is classified as an idyll, as it shows an idealized view of a frozen country in the form of a descriptive poem. John Greenleaf Whittier The Author John Greenleaf Whittier Images that build the sense that something is about to happen "Its mute and ominous prophecy"
"a hard, dull bitterness of cold"
"a chill no coat however stout, of homespun stuff could quite shut out" Exotic Imagery “A night made holy with the swarm / and whirl-dance of the blinding storm”
“Like Egypt’s Amun roused from sleep”
“Of rare Aladdin’s wondrous cave” Crystal Cave The boys wish they could go into the cave and try the lamp.

Fabulous Imagery+Snowbound farmhouse
"of ghostly fingertips of sleet"
"unbound the spell, and testified" Allusions 1) Architechture:
to Pisa's leaning miracles (line 65)
Aladdin and The Arabian Night (line 77)
Amun and Turks (lines 90 & 137)

The author assumes the reader has had a diverse background of education. Line 48 (line 48)
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