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The People of Sparks

No description

Ryan Poss

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The People of Sparks

The People of Sparks By Jeanne Duprau Setting
He is one of the strongest protagonists in the book and is the hero of The City of Ember as well as this one. Characters The main cause of all the conflict was Tick Hassler who wanted a war between the two.

Another conflict was the people of ember being underfed and overworked. This caused the people of sparks to become annoyed that they had to share their food and city with a bunch of people who complained. Conflicts Rising action Main Events The second Book of Ember Time It takes place somewhere in the very distant future after a huge war that destroyed all the major cities. They are now completely reliant on the produce of their town. Settings Location and Place It takes place in a location somewhere near a large city and harbor used to be. The town consists of the doctors house, Pioneer Hotel, and the town hall and square Season From late summer through the fall because they were starting to harvest. Words to describe Him
-Smart Doon Appearance
Rugged looking with brown messy hair Lina Lina is also a very strong protagonist and is best friends with Doon. Words to describe her
-Caring Appearance Lina: "I am a girl with two blonde ponytails with braids. Everyday I wear my favorite Red sweater shirt, with my favorite baby blue capris." He has black hair and light blue eyes. Tick Hassler
Appearance Words to describe him
-Devious Tick is the main antagonists and is trying to create conflict during his time in Sparks The people of Ember getting attacked twice. By whom they thought were the people of sparks. But was actually Tick trying to spark a war.

The people of sparks getting annoyed by the ignorance and mistakes of the people of Ember.

Climax The people of ember are asked to leave. But instead Tick rally's them to fight.

They go to the town square and cause havoc until Ben one of the Sparks' leaders starts to fire on the Embers' with a faulty machine gun that starts to burn down the village. Falling Action They all help put out the fire and the Sparks' let them stay as long as they are all the people of sparks. Torren another main character blames Doon for vandalizing a shed. Connections to real life -Conflicts between different people who are forced to live together.
-That even the smallest decisions we make can have a large effect. Quotes "It was him... It ws hime that did it!"-Torren pg 170
"THEY MUST GO." - Written by a Sparks' pg 130 "GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE."- By Tick pg 204

"Alright everyone we have been attacked agian this time worst than the other."-Tick pg 231

"They must go!"-Ben pg 254
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