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Tim Krummen

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of LOS ANGELES

Beverly Hills
General Information
Walk of Fame
Location of the City
an own city in the west of Los Angels Country.
the city is completely surrounded by the city of L.A.
Beverly Hills has an area of 14.7 km² and 34109 inhabitants (information from 2010).
a lot of famous people, actors and rich people are living in Beverly Hills.
the area was discovered by spanish explorers in the 18th century.
Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city after New York City in the U.S. with 3.792.621 inhabitants
The inhabitants of Los Angeles are called Angelenos
Capital and administrative center of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is at the West-Coast of the United States
The city centre and the suburbs are in a hilly region with an average of 100 metres above sea level
in the west and the south Los Angeles is placed at the Santa Monica Bay
Los Angeles adjacent to the Pacific Ocean
Impressions of the Landscape
Los Angeles in front of the mountains behind the city
Los Angeles is famous for its schools,theaters and museums
The most famous attraction in Los Angeles is Hollywood
The beautiful Santa Monica Bay at day

Los Angeles city centre with amazing
The famous Hollywood signature at the Hollywood Hills
The world famous Santa Monica Pier.
It is a small adventure land at a pier
in the ocean.
Beverly Hills
for a long time the region was used for farming, drilling for oil and other industry.
in 1914 the first people lived in the city and in 1919 the first celebrities.
Beverly Hills is hilly and has a lot of exclusive houses with beautiful gardens.
the famous shopping district "Rodeo Drive" is one of the expensive districts of the world.
the major industry is the aerospace, electronic, food, fashion, media, finance and tourist industry.
the film industry is also an important industry in Los Angeles.
The Walk of Fame is a sidewalk in Los Angeles
The Walk of Fame extend over 18 blocks on both sides of the Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks along the Vine Street
Since the recognition of Sofía Vergara (7th May,2015) there are 2551 Stars
The Walk of Fame was furnished in 1957/58
1960 the began the building work of the Walk of Fame
There are 3 selections criterion: professional achievement, longevity of 5 years in the field of Entertainment, contributions of community
There are 5 catagories (Music, Film, Theatre, TV, Radio)

Malibu: a famous surferbeach
Santa Monica Beach: The most famous beach
Venice Beach: you can see many artists
Marina del Rey: there is a big marina
The first person in L.A. was Juan Rodriguez, who was sent by the spanish king
1542 the king came to L.A. and stress it to spain, but he didn't found the city
1771 spanish monks found it and called the landscape San Gabriel
On 4th september 1781 the first inhabitants came and switch the name to Los Angeles (Die Engel)
1850 the american army came to L.A. and conquered it
since 1850 L.A. is an american city
Districts of L.A.
There are 36 ''Community Plan Areas''
The famoust ones are : ''Venice'' , ''Hollywood'' , ''Central City'' , ''Pacific Palisades'' , ''Wilshire'' and ''Beverly Crest''
Some of them are an independent city
The most borders between them are not defined
The most people are living in the southern districts
General Information
Location of the City
Districts of L.A.
Beverly Hills
Walk of Fame
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