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How are we trying to improve

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iydin iydin

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of How are we trying to improve

How are we trying to improve
quality of life
Are we trying to improve quality of life?
Many people are trying to improve quality of life but how are we doing it?
Some people feel angry because their quality of life isn't as good as others. some people are happy they have a good quality of life but feel bad because their quality of life is better than others.
However,some people try to create change. They work towards

social justice.
Global Partnerships
Global Development
Providing Indirect and
Direct aid
Social justice means equal rights and oppurtunities for all
Some examples are:
Nelson Mandela
Rigoberto Menchu Tum,
Malala yousafzai.
The goal of global development is to provide greater equity in quality of life
Equity means to treat everyone with fairness and respect.
Individuals and countries could work together to help thier own countries
One way is development aid.
Development aid is money or help given to countries to solve problems or help them out.
The united nations promote peace and security between countries.

They provide humanitarian aid when countries are facing a natural disaster or a conflict.

The UN has many programs to help global development

An example is the drought that occurred in Africa .
Donor countries that give aid to countries provide direct aid.

Direct aid donor country giving aid to another country.

The use of aid is decided by the donor country.

direct aid could be given in many ways.

some ways are through food,water,books.funds and healthcare

Another form could be training and advice from experts.

Indirect aid is when a donor country gives help to a recipient country(country that receives aid from other countries) through funds

The recipient country can decide what to do with the funds to help their country

People form a group with a specific goal. These groups do not make and are not associated with the government.

These groups are called non-governmental organizations or NGO

NGOS help to improve quality of life in their own country or other countries

An example is the council of women in Canada
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