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Using Twitter to Develop a Professional Learning Network

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Jim Jamieson

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Using Twitter to Develop a Professional Learning Network

Building your
Digital PLN The best PD you'll ever get! PROFESSIONAL LEARNING NETWORK
A PLN is a way for you to make connections and share ideas and resources.
You have one with colleagues that you work with.
You can also have one online where you can reach and connect with educators from around the Board, city, province, country, and world. PLN Digital What is a PLN? Twitter is an online service where people can post short messages about their current activities/what they have seen online in 140 characters or less! What is it? #Hashtags Why Would I Want to Use it? Who
Would I Follow? a hashtag is the # sign plus a bunch of letters or numbers
attach this to your tweets so that we can find each other easily
a hashtag facilitates a search in twitter
today's hashtag is #yrsocialmedia www.tweetchat.com Search "Who to follow in Twitter - Google Doc" Getting Started Beyond Twitter Going Further http://bit.ly/twitterguideforedu What is Social Media? Generally speaking social media sites and services contain at least some of the following things:

social media challenges traditional models
social media allows people to communicate
social media allows people to collaborate
social media gives people an audience
social media is open and transparent
users are both producers and consumers Characteristics of Social Media 4 Reasons to Join
Twitter Hashtag Chats http://edudemic.com/2012/11/4-reasons-to-join-twitter-hashtag-chats/
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