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No description

jacob clouse

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Europe

Iceland was founded in 985 by vikings.

BY Jacob Clouse Iceland Europe CULTURE
HE'S A BEAST!!!! Famous people from iceland
include Björk who is a famous
musician who also Björk sang the opening song of the Olympic 2004
Iceland has been in a few wars
but their greatest war is their
civilwar which gained them
independence. Iceland has about 250,000
people living there. Iceland follows christianity Iceland's dance is mainly the tango
people in iceland usually eat fish and lamb Iceland speaks a northern german language. HISTORY T H E E N D Iceland gets about 6,400 toruists per week Government Iceland imports things like furniture, dvd's, food Iceland's government is a democracy Iceland has the kronic for a money system Geography Iceland is mostly land but is surrounded by water Icelands map Iceland's capitol is Reykjavík
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