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Opening Staff Meeting 15.16

No description

Sean Galiher

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Opening Staff Meeting 15.16

Welcome Back!
Safety and Security
# 1 Priority
Internet Use and Safety
Student Supervision and Welfare
SWPBS (Positive Behavior Plan)
Student Services Update
School Improvement
Improved student achievement (ISTEP)
Build and strenghten a PLC culture
School-wide positive behavior support
Indiana College Career Readiness Standards
Increased Student engagement
Common assessment development /data analysis
Depths of Knowledge (1-4)
Technology rich environment

Advisory Period
Purpose and Goals

Supervision Sign-up
Closing Remarks
Article "Mindsets worth changing"
New Staff
Kevin McMillen: Assistant Principal
: Learning Lab Coordinator
: Business/Computers
Chase Pinion: 8th Math
Amy Tibout: 6th/8th Science
Jennifer Husband: 8th Science
Bonnie Berg: Office Aide
Jared Madden: 8th Language Arts
Caitlin Charnow: 7th Language Arts
Stephen Getz: World Languages
Dave Woods: Custodian

Renee Johanson: 6th Math/LA
Tami Lewis: ENL
Holly Clemans: Work Room Aide
Internet Use and Safety
Student Supervision and Welfare
School-Wide Positve Behavior Support
Student Services
Purpose and Goals
Quality Instruction and Student Engagement
College & Career Readiness Standards
Literacy Plan
Common Assessments and PLC (Professional Learning Community) meetings
Sunshine Committee
Schmucker Middle School will
trive for academic excellence in a safe learning environment
otivate students to be lifelong learners.
ucceed in developing socially responsible and productive citizens.
"everybody is a teacher, everybody is a student"

-New standards for math and language arts
-Acuity Math/ELA Readiness Assessments (1-3): On grade level
-ISTEP 2015 (new standards)
-Performance tasks and technology enhanced items
-Predictive B/C (Science and Social Studies)
Diagnostics 1-4 available

Skills Lab: M/LA
Math/LA Labs
Math Remediation
Read 180
Professional Development
Used for educational purposes
Email is public record. May be protected by FERPA.
For students:
Supervise while using in your class.
Report anything suspicious immediately
Gifts, visiting a student's home or being alone with a student
Using email, text, other technology for non-educational purposes
Hugging or regular physical contact.
Anything sexual, alcohol, drugs, etc.
Sign Form
Tardy Policy = Same as fourth quarter
Verbal warning, contact home, referral to office (Isolated lunch), referral to office (detention), referral to office (case by case)
Resets every quarter
Electronic Referrals
Guide sheet, video tutorials, training sessions after Labor Day.
Detention: 2012: 335 I.S.I: 2012: 56
2013: 234 2013: 80
2014: 206 2014: 129

Islolated Lunch: 2012: 81 O.S.S: 2012: 38
2013: 93 2013: 56
2014: 392 2014: 81

Suspension from Class: 2012: 19
2013: 24
2014: 55
Please define "on time" in your class.
All three middle schools using.
Core Values
I will be committed to:
1. Student excellence and student centered classrooms
2. Professional growth and collaboration
3. Student safety/security and positive behavior support
4. Best practice, innovation and consistent quality feedback
5. Visibility and being supportive
6. Having fun and maintaining a positive attitude.
1. Maintain positive attitude and grow continually
2. Demonstrate best practices as outlined by PHM TER
3. Use Positive Behavior Support
4. Collaborate and have fun
5. Differentiate instruction and use RTI
6. Try new things and be creative

Non-fiction reading and writing
Higher level questions
Multiple formative assessments
Culture of high expectations
Quality relationships
Quality feedback
Using data to inform instruction
What 3 items do you have on your "to do list" that you are planning to try this year? Write them down on a post-it.
To provide opportunities for students to cultivate stronger relationships with their peers and a faculty mentor. The advisory period will also be used help develop interpersonal skills and provide opportunities for self reflection and personal growth.
Quarter 1
-First 8 days of school
-Days 1-3 (50 minutes)
-Days 4-8 (30 minutes)
Shared Advisory Google Folder
-purpose of advisory presentation
-advisory schedule
-team building activities
-positive behavior lessons
-bullying/online safety lessons
-goal setting and reflection
-student-led conference planning

Speaking and Listening
Department Meetings: bi-monthly
PLC Meetings: twice per month
Department Meetings
-Discuss best practice
-Share literacy and instructional strategies
-Review school goals
-Discuss content specific issues
PLC Meetings
-Develop/review common assessments
-Review data (Acuity, SRI, Performance tasks, Common Assessments)
-Review student work
-Develop classroom RTI plans
PBIS Lessons
Discipline Trends
Expectations for Teachers
"no matter who you are, someone is learning from you"
"Be more awesome"
Kid President
Quality Instruction
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