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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7, 8, and 9

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Ali Cheesman

on 20 February 2011

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7, 8, and 9

Chapter 7 Daisy told Gatsby that she loved him and Tom heard her tell him that. He was extremely mad and jealous. He looked at them both staring into each others eyes and was overwhelmed.
Daisy wanted to go into town with everyone and Gatsby offered to drive everyone. Tom wanted to drive Gatsby's car and Daisy was very angry. Tom wanted to take Gatsby's car because he might have thought that Daisy would want to go with him in Gatsby's car. Tom would think himself of being the greatest because he has Gatsby's car and Dasiy. Gatsby said,"You take Nick and Jordan. We'll follow you in the coupe" (pg. 121). (paraphrased from the book) Jordan and Nick thought it was okay for Daisy to ride with Gatsby in another car because they both know that he is having an affair with Myrtle. It would not make a difference if Daisy went with Gatsby because Tom is doing the same thing with Myrtle. There has been a lot of conflict between Gatsby and Tom, mainly over Daisy. I can tell that the major conflict is near because I think the major conflict is the constant "fighting" over Daisy between Tom and Gatsby. They do not physically fight over her, but for example when Gatsby told Tom that his wife loves himself and not you, there was major tension in the room. Jordan and Nick were there at the Plaza Hotel also and they felt very uncomfortable when this conflict was going on. Conflict between Gatsby and Tom Gatsby fired all of his servants and replaced them with new servants. Gatbsy said,"I wanted somebody who wouldn't gossip." (pg.114) I think the theme in this qoute is wealth and integrity because Gatsby has so much money, he doesn't know what to do with it all. He can do whatever he wants, when he wants. He also wants his servants to have integrity and good morals, so they don't gossip about him all over town. (my own opinion) Gatsby and Nick went to Daisy's house to
visit. Daisy's daughter came out to say hello
to her and was looking for her father.
Gatsby then knew that she really did have a
daughter. (paraphrased from the book) When Tom was driving Gatsby's car into town they stopped for
gas at Mr. Wilson's place. I think stopping at the gas station
is important because Tom is stopping there to check up on his
secret lover, Myrtle Wilson. He is concerned whether or not she is okay.
Now that his wife is starting to hang around with Gatsby, he feels like he
should continue to secretly see Myrtle. Ironically, Daisy is doing the
same thing to him. Mr. Wilson was asking Tom if he would sell
his car to him because he needed money. He wants to move west with
his wife, Myrtle because she really wants to go there. Tom was really
upset that Myrtle has another life apart from him. The gas station they
keep going to is in the Valley of Ashes. "It represents the moral and social
decay that results from the unihibited pursuit of wealth." (sparknotes)
I think it also symbloizes the poor who live in that filthly, dirty, place,
they call home. The people that live there, for example, George Wilson,
lose all hope of ever being rich, wealthy, or living a better life outside
of the Valley of Ashes. When they were back at Daisy's
house, they all wanted to do something
fun and not stay where they were. It was
Daisy's idea of going into town.
It was almost like they all wanted to discuss
something with each other, but did not
think it was appropiate to talk at Daisy's
house. Tom was very upset, from the
beginning, that Daisy was riding
with Gatsby. When they decided
that they wanted to go to the Plaza Hotel,
Tom quickly followed them too.
They chose the Plaza Hotel because
they wanted to get away from their
house for the day. The Plaza Hotel allowed them
the opportunity to escape to another location
that was luxurious with nice furniture and
alcoholic beverages. I think that last qoute
was a huge qoute in
the novel because Gatsby
is expressing how he feels
about his true love, Daisy.
I think that takes a lot of
courage to say that he loves
Daisy to her husband. I think
the theme in this qoute is honesty
because Jay is saying his real
feelings for Daisy to Tom.
(my own opinion) When Daisy and Gatsby
were driving home from
town, Daisy was driving
crazy and ran over a women in the street at 50 MPH. Gatsby told her to turn around and help her ,but she didn't. The policeman was telling Tom at Mr. Wilson's shop that there was a yellow automoblie that was speeding past them when they came to the scene. (paraphrazing from the book) Tom thinks that it had to have been Gatsby and Daisy driving in the yellow automobile. (paraphrasing from the book) I think Tom was happy to hear this news. Now he can get revenge on Gatsby for killing his lover, even though it was his own wife that was driving like a maniac that killed Myrtle. I think a theme in chapter 7 is jealousy. There is much jealousy over Daisy between Gatsby and Tom.
Gatsby wants Daisy back and wants nothing to do with Tom. Also, Tom is jealous that Daisy is sneaking around with Gatsby and the fact that she loves Gatsby more now. (my own opinion) Chapter 8 "She was the first "nice" girl he had ever known. "He found her excitingly desirable." pg. 148 Gatsby told Nick about his youth with Daisy and Dan Cody. I think the theme of this qoute is love because Gatsby has loved Daisy ever since he has met her. Gatsby could not live his life without Daisy. Losing Daisy would be like losing his entire world. In "his world" Daisy is everything to him and that is the only reason why he tries so hard to make her fall in love with him again. I think Daisy is the kind of person that when something is convenient for her she will do it. I think this love with Gatsby is convenient for her and if something goes wrong I do no think that Daisy will be too concerned if this love does not work out. She is very selfish and shallow because she thinks that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. She lives in the moment and never really thinks about the best future for her. I think Daisy may have been Gatsby's first love, but I think that there love is over because Daisy has forgotten about Gatsby and married Tom. "She vanished into her rich house,
into her rich, full life, leaving Gatsby--nothing.
He felt married to her, that was all." pg 149
I think this qoute foreshadows Daisy leaving
Gatsby because she is all caught up in her rich
life and she only cares about the other rich people
in her life. Daisy does leave Gastby because Gatsby
was in the war and Daisy was tired of waiting for Gatsby.
Daisy met Tom Buchanan and they fell in love and got
married. We have learned that Gatsby likes
to tell Nick all of his problems and
feelings and they are all revolved
around Daisy. "For him, losing Daisy is like losing his entire world." (qoute from sparknotes) "Suddenly she was again keeping
half a dozen dates with half a dozen men." (pg 151) Daisy falls in love with whomever is there at the time. This quote is important because Daisy is now falling for Gatsby because he is back from the war and he earned all of his money back now. When Tom Buchanan came along
"Daisy was flattered." pg (151) I think
that Daisy has forgotten how much
she loved Gatsby until she saw him
for the first time in a while. I think Daisy
loves Tom, but she loves Gastby a
whole lot more. "I don't think she ever loved him," Gatsby said. (pg152) I think from this qoute it again shows that Tom was there when no one else was to marry Daisy. Daisy was waiting for Gatsby and she got tired of waiting so she just married Tom because he was there in her life, while Gatsby was not. After Nick and Gatsby finish
breakfast together, Gatsby's
gardener tells him, he will drain
the pool so the leaves will not clog the
pipes in the pool. Gatsby tells him
to wait until tomorrow because he (Gastby)
has not swam in the pool all summer and
he wanted to swim that afternoon.
(paraphrased from Chapter 8) George Wilson was telling Michaelis
about Myrtle and before she died, he confronted her about her lover, but he does not know who her lover is. Mr. Wilson thinks that whomever ran over Myrtle with their car was Myrtle's lover. (paraphrased from sparknotes) "God sees everything." repeated Wilson.
"That's an advertisement," Michaelis assured
him." pg 160. Mr. Wilson told Michaelis that the
eyes see everything, like God. I do not agree
with Wilson because the eyes only "see" what is
going on in The Valley of Ashes instead of seeing
everything. He also does make a point that God
sees everything, (meaning that God sees the affair
Myrtle is having with Tom). (my opinion on the
qoute). Wilson came to the conclusion that it was not Tom that ran over his wife. He concluded this because Tom arrived later with Nick and Jordan in a different car to see what was going on in the Valley of Ashes. Wilson figured out that it was Gatsby who ran over his wife with his car. He went to Gatsby's house and while Gastby was lying on a mattress in his pool, Mr. Wilson shot and killed him. After he shot Gastby he shot himself too. "It was after we started with
Gatsby toward the house that
the gardener saw Wilson's body
a little way off in the grass and the
Holocaust was complete."pg162
This qoute is very important at
the end of this chapter because
it sets the mood for the rest of the
novel. The theme would be tragedy
because they made a perfect metaphor
about this tragedy being about the
Holocaust. The Holocaust was a
point in time in history where a lot of people
were needlessly killed. In this case there were
only three people that were dead versus
thousands of people being killed.
(opinion on the qoute). Chapter 9 I think Mr. Wolfsheim means in this qoute that he helped Gatsby financially, such as find a job and make money, when he was an Oggford man and out of the war. I do not agree with Mr. Wolfsheim in this statement because Gatsby did not "come out of nothing." He was not rich until after he came out of the war and earned his money through hard work. I also do not agree with him when he said "right out of the gutter" because Gatsby was not homeless on the streets and that is what he is making it sound like. Mr. Wolfsheim may be refering to him being "in the gutter" financially because Gatsby was not really rich when he came out of the war. "Did you start him in business?" I inquired. "Start him! I made him." "Oh." "I raised him up out of nothing, right out of the gutter." (pg171) *This qoute is the main focus of this Chapter 9 discussion. For this qoute, I do not agree with what Mr. Wolfsheim is saying because he did not "make him."
I think that he is being very selfish because he is taking all the credit for all of Gatsby's fame and fortune. Gatsby may have received help from him, but he did not earn Gatsby's money for him. "and when he told me he was an Oggford I knew I could use him good." I think this part of the qoute, further on the page, means that Gatsby helped Mr. Wolfsheim be successful and do other things so they could benefit each other. "I wondered if this partnership had included the World's Series transaction in 1919." Nick was thinking this when he was having a conversation with Mr. Wolfsheim. Mr. Wolfsheim was there when Nick and Gatsby had lunch together and Gatsby introduced Mr. Wolfsheim. Gatsby told Nick that he was the man that tried to fix the outcome of the World Series in 1919. I think Nick is thinking that Gatsby may have still been working with Mr. Wolfsheim when he did that "transaction." Mr. Wolfsheim Prezi by: Ali Cheesman I do no think that Tom had the feelings
for Myrtle as much as he did for Daisy.
He loved Myrtle and was devestated
when she died. He said in the novel
that he cried like a baby, in grief, just starring at her
dead body at Wilson's car shop. That all might
be true, but I think since Daisy has taken an even
bigger interest in Gatsby, that he loves her more than before.
Tom wants to "win" Daisy back from
Gatsby, even though he is her husband and he should
not have to do that. Tom and Daisy cannot decide on who
they want to be with. Even though they are married
to each other, that obviously did not stop them from seeing
other people. I think this is a theme or trend in the 1920s where
people would hang around with whomever they wanted to, even
if they were married to someone else. This represents Tom's jealousy of Daisy
starting to fall in love with Gatsby again.
Tom is Daisy's husband and he should be
able to tell Daisy that Gatsby is not her husband
and he is. I think Tom is still investigating Gatsby.
Who he is, where he came from, where did he get all
of his wealth from? I think this also symbolizes that
Tom is going to do everything in his control to get
Daisy away from Gatsby and find more information
about Gatsby.Gatsby and Tom showed that they did
not want to be around each other at all when they
were at the Plaza Hotel. Tom was constantly questioning
Gatsby whether or not he went to
Oxford. (paraphrased from the book)
Gastby said, "I only stayed
five months. That's why I can't really
call myself an Oxford man." (pg.129)
Gatsby later told Tom, when he was
getting out of control, "Your wife
doesn't love you, she's never loved you.
She loves me." (pg.130)
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