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Career Theories Part 2: Deveolopmental & Person-In-Enviornme

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Angie O'Gieblyn

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Career Theories Part 2: Deveolopmental & Person-In-Enviornme

Ecological Systems Map
Career Construction Theory
Career Construction Resources & Activity

Achievement and transferable skills activity
Groups of 3 (pairs if needed)
Person A: Storyteller
Person B: Facilitator
Person C: Notes
Person A tells a story about an achievement in their life. Person B asks a few questions to draw out more of the story. They person B & C give feedback to person A about transferable skills they identified within the story. Then, switch roles.
After everyone has had a chance to tell their story, please discuss the following:
What was it like to tell your achievement story? Was it easy or hard?
What did you think/feel about the list of skills your classmates created for you?
What was it like to play the other roles?
Did you encounter any difficulties in those roles, and if so, how did you overcome them?
Would you ever consider using this with clients? Why or why not, and if you would, how might you use it?

Super's Life Span/Life Space Theory
Exploring Life Roles
Family (Homemaker, Parent, Child, Spouse)
Leisure (self-care & friends )
Worker (include commute)
168 hours per week
- 56 hours sleep (8 hrs day) = 112
- 40 hours work = 72 hrs
Gottfredson: Circumscription, Compromise, Self-Creation
Developmental Theories
Person-In-Environment Theories
Where We Are Headed
Housekeeping: Treatment Plan Partner Update & Research Topic Reminder
Developmental Theories
Super's Life Span/Life Space Theory
Gottfredson: Circumscription, Compromise, Self-Creation
Person-In-Environment Perspective
Ecological Systems Map
Career Construction Theory
2018 Career Theories Part 2:
Developmental & Person-In-Environment

Super & Life-Span, Life Space Theory
Life Span:
Used to be called Career Development Theory
Built on:
-Differential Psychology
-Developmental Psychology
-Self-Concept Theory
Photo Cred: https://4cscareers.wordpress.com/
Other Key Concepts In Super's Theory
Career Maturity
-Attitudinal readiness
-Cognitive readiness
Career Adaptability
-Comprehensive Career Assessment Battery evaluates:
-Career Maturity
-Work values and interests
: p. 54-56
Self As Author
The Process of Career Construction Counseling
The Career Construction Interview
"The genius of the counselor is in asking questions, not in finding answers. Client's know the answers, and the counselor's questions help client's acknowledge what they know" (Brown & Lent, 2013, p. 173)
Look for the glue/themes in micro stories
"Turning a personal problem into a public strength and social contribution"
Identity Narratives

Career Theme
"I will become (author's reputation) so that I can (agents goal), and in the process (author's theme)."

Character Arc
Activity: Identifying Messages
Constructivism as a theoretical base
Key: Self as Actor, Agent, & Author
Self: Emerging insight shaped by culture, social interaction and language

-Behaviors and relationships in childhood
-Guides and models
-Personality vs reputation
-RIASEC types as resemblances

-Striving to insert self into social word
-3 Sources of Career Change: Vocational developmental tasks, occupational transitions, & work trauma
-5 Career Adaptive Career Behaviors: Orientation, exploration, establishment, management, and disengagement.
-Adaption: "Inner needs and outer opportunities into harmony" (Brown & Lent 2013, p. 147)
-Readiness, resources, responses, & results
-Career Maturity Inventory

For Next Week:
Please read article in Canvas & prepare one discussion question.
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