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A Semi-professional camera

No description

Darya Potapova

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of A Semi-professional camera

Digital semi-professional cameras are chambers with professional parameters, but limited in possibilities because of the built in lens.
The first camera appeared in Russia in 30-ies in the 19-th century.
The first camera was invented in 1839 by Lui Jacque Mande Dagerom. Early attempts were unsuccessful. Later he joined the man who was more successful in this sphere they became partners. In 1833 Neps died, but Dager persistently continued his work.
Speaking about the construction of the camera we can define some things. The mirror camera comprises the lens which catches the image and passes it through system of lenses; a mirror; a matrix, a shutter – it closes a matrix; one more mirror; a view-finder lens and other things. At the moment of pressing the button of shooting the mirror is cleaned and rises the shutter, further light is turned off and gets on a matrix where the image is formed.
They have some advantages. The cameras give the opportunity to keep pictures in formats TIFF and RAW, guaranteeing their high quality. They are equipped with hot boots which allow connecting external flash. With the help of it we can get rid off the effect of red eyes.
I have my own semi-professional camera which my elder sister has brought from America. I was happy because it was my great desire to have such kind of camera. Now I often try to take pictures of everything I’m interested in.
In my opinion semi-professional cameras are used by creative people who can grasp the beautiful moments. But professionals use professional expensive cameras. I have paid attention to the fact that many people of all ages use semi-professional cameras. They are easier in use and after all they give every opportunity to reflect life around us.
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr some types of cameras
Professional and amateur ones
Mirror and not mirror ones
With the built in and replaceable optics
Lens- линза, объектив
Amateur – любительский
Replaceable optics – заменимая оптика
Hot Boots – утройство,помогающее убрать эффект красных глаз
External flash – внешняя вспышка
Shutter- затвор объектива
The most popular brand-name of cameras Canon
The recommendation how to choose a camera Guide the camera at the object and if the camera finds out it at once,the quality of the camera is rather good
Try to find a semi-professional camera with a video shooting for convenience
Pay attention to focal length of the camera(approach, a distance)
1.What is a semi-professional camera?

2.The most popular brand-names of cameras
3.The history
4.The construction
5.The recommendation how to choose a camera
6.My opinion of usage

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