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Carl Jung


Jenai Piet

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Carl Jung

Carl Jung By: Jenai and Sarah Early Life Born on July 26, 1875 in Switzerland
His father was Paul Achilles Jung
His mother was Emilie Preiswerk Career Wanted to study medicine but was also interested spiritual phenomena so he met in the middle with psychiatry.
In 1902, Jung graduated from university with a medical degree.
1903, he got married to Emma Rauschenbach.
Jung worked at the University of Zurich asylum.
He sent a copy of his work to Sigmund Freud.
His collaboration with Freud sparked his interest in the unconscious mind . Collective Unconscious Everyone has the same memory that includes symbols, imagery, and memories.
Jung's analogy is a cork floating in the ocean. This analogy shows how Jung believed that we need to understand the nature of the true self or the unconscious mind will be able to toss the conscious mind around.
Carl Jung Charlie Smith When he was 12, he got pushed so hard to the ground by another classmate that he lost consciousness. This caused him to faint every time he thought about school.
He heard about his father's concerns for his future so he decided he had to concentrate more on academics. Childhood
Experiences He sent a copy of his work to Sigmund Freud.
His collaboration with Freud sparked his interest in the unconscious mind. Relationship with
Sigmund Freud Carl Young when he was a child. This is a picture of a group of psychologists, Sigmund Freud is bottom left and Carl Jung is bottom right. Carl Jung on the cover of Time Magazine Archetypes The Self
The Shadow
The Anima/Animus
The persona Examples of people, behaviors, and personalities. Psychology Types Extroverted Outward flow of personal energy.
More social, enjoy being with people all the time.
Interested in facts. Introverted Inward flow of personal energy.
Content in solitude.
Interested in abstract ideas.
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