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No description

Bryan McNutt

on 23 June 2009

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Transcript of WHO IS...

WHO IS... I am a Junior @ UNR! I am currently studying
business; unsure of a specific major. I am 6' 4",
smart, athletic, and very driven. A little about ME: My favorite artists include... I voted for... My hobbies include... My name is Bryan McNutt. I am a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno. I work as a Small Business Development Center Marketing Intern. Most of my time is spent working, having fun, learning, and basically depriving myself of sleep. My Goals: I am an upbeat charismatic person. I am very energetic, possibly due to the pot of a coffee a day, and with that energy I always like to be doing something. I have a passion for music, almost all genres. My friends are my life and I put them above all else. I think a positive mentality is vital, don’t ignore a realistic point of view but never be pessimistic. To describe my personality I have certain attributes that make me who I am. I am very perceptive in a psycho-analytical way. I love to argue, not for the sake of being right, but for the sport of it. I am determined; when I set my mind to something it will get done. I am extraverted, to a new environment it is slow to show, but that is because I am scared of judgments being passed. I am a thinker and would agree with Voltaire in his quote: "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking."
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