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The parts of the colonial plantation and their roles.

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Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of The parts of the colonial plantation and their roles.

The kitchen
The kitchen was the place wear owners of a plantation would eat. Their was kitchen boy and a kitchen girl who would swich off a half a day.
parts of the plantation and the slaves roles.
A person who owned a plantation was Known as a planter. Some plantations had hundreds of slave working almost everyday.
the blacksmith
The plantation farmers will go
about their winter chores sawing wood to make fires,trimming down trees and making candles to lite up their houses.

the cotton fields
In the later part of augest begins the cotton picking season. The cotton can grow up to 7 feet high.
The overseer
The overseer is the person who waches
the slaves so they don't run away from the plantation.
credits too:

The plantation economies of the Americas were built almost exclusively
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