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My Family Tree and History

No description

Tricia Teano

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of My Family Tree and History

My Family Tree And History BY: Tricia Teano Dieter Joshua Gudoy Teano Teffany Mae Gudoy Teano Tricia Aerolle Gudoy Teano Tersita Teano Diomer Teano And Now A Little Bit Of My History I was born on the year of 2000 on March 2 in Cauayan, Isabela, Philippines. The first school I went to is Saint Xavier Montessori School until kindergarten. In the year 2006, I moved to Canada at the age of 5 and continue my studies. I continued my schooling at Faywood P.S., and I graduated elementary school at Ancaster P.S for grade 5 , and then I went to Rockford P.S. for a year and graduated there again for grade 6 , and now I am currently enrolled at Fisherville. Dad-Four Siblings Mom- Seven Siblings =D Both of my grandparents were farmers. They owned land and livestock. Born on September 3, 1976, Philippines.
Came to Canada 2002. Lola Veronica- Business Woman Lolo Basilio- Carpenter Lola Jane ??? Isabelita - Farmer ??? - Farmer Teresita Ubina- was born on April 5, 1960, Philippines Rogelio Gudoy- was born on October 7, 1953, Philippines (Left) (Right) They both started a company called Traders Printing Press in 1983 and until now they still have the company with their own building. This year is their 30th year. Great Grandmother Great Grandfather Great Grandmother Great Grandfather Angelita Mamoyac- was born on September 26, 1950, Philippines segundo Teano- was born on August 24, 1946, Philippines Grandparents (Dad Side) Grandparents (Mom's Side) ??? - Farmer Great Grandmother Great Grandfather Great Grandmother Great Grandfather ??? - Farmer Mom side Dad side Mom side Dad side Fun Facts!!! In my dad's side I am actually now an aunt and I have a 1 year old nephew and a 4 months old niece. My family was the first ones who came to Canada. You Have Now Seen My Family Thank you for listening! Born on June 13, 2011, Canada Born on December 15, 1971, Philippnes
Came to Canada in 2006. Born on October 16, 1993, Philippines
Came to Canada in2006.
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