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New Product Development

No description

megan giglietta

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of New Product Development

New Product Development
Step 2: Idea Generation
Product: Food Delivery App
For: Sens NHL games
Where: CTC

Survey Questions
Location Info
Step 1: SWOT Analysis
The APP Company
Strengths: Company publishes your ideas/games into apps.
Our app is a completely new concept. Never been done before at other arenas.

Weaknesses: Glitches in the company that affects your app. The idea could not be liked by many people, low demand.

Opportunities: The company could become popular if the app is a crowd-pleaser.

Threats: Viruses being spread through the app, being able to access your banking information
Step 6: Test Marketing
Step 6: Test Marketing
Any smart phone ex: Iphone
Step 4: Business Analysis
Step 3: Screening and Evaluation
Do you find it difficult to get food/beverages during the game or intermission?
During entermission do you wait atleast 10 mins in line?
Would you get food during the game?
Would you use this app?
Could you see many people using this app?
Would you trust the app enough to load your money onto it?
In four simple steps you order a meal and have it delivered to you in minutes
(1) Pick desired food vendor
(2) Pick desired meal
(3) State your location
(4) Select your perfered method of payment
Step 5: Development
Section, Row and Seat #
Picking the Vendor/Meal
creating a profile account
connecting with your bank
uploading money to the account
select food vendor
select meal from menu
Credit Card
Sens Account
Smart phones

- No hassle
- Quick
- Efficient
- Fans dont miss
the game

- Order may get messed up
- If ordering alcohol , someone maybe underage

Food FRIENDZY Favour
Other teams and their arenas
Other sports (MLB,NFL,NBA)
The APP Company
Programmer to make the app
Credit Card Companies
The people delivering the food at games

Visually appealing because it will appeal to a wide demographic of consumers
Branded for convenience
Results in a happy consumer who can do everything at their fingertips to maximize their good experience

3 x 20,000 = 60,000 people
Canadian Tire Center
Pictures on billboards in the Canadian Tire Center
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