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Template A

Template black, red, grey text

Roy Bamber

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Template A

Built Design Characteristics A vertical specialty systems structure in the regional network: with St. Joes ‘downtown offering Barrows Neurological institute, Mohammed Ali Parkinson’s center , Chandler offering the Cancer treatment and Mercy Gilberts with Telemetry, International service. First stem cell heart injection performed: tissue from thigh muscle implanted in the heart (6 months ago). Relatively flat hospital: height restrictions imposed by city (only four stories)
The new bed tower will be 6 stories (next challenge)
Expanding population – future hospital expansions
Religious symbolism Design of hospital based on vision of “Sisters of Mercy” --> Jesus with open arms
Medallion of the Virgin Mary is buried at the staff entrance foundation/ threshold a symbolic gesture and meaning for the hospital. Organizational mindset supported by the belief system is included in the “building Foundation” of a poetic embodiment
Welcoming Cafeteria for public use – easily accessible (close to entrance)
Non-institutional feeling
Big spaces
Homey atmosphere
Garden and landscape is experiential, has the parti of Jesus with open arms fountain, and a copper sculpture memory tree with gardens, allowing patrons to contribute copper leaves with die cut messages for welding onto the tree, as well as planting into the garden.
Offices of directors located on the floors of their units Easily accessible by patients and staff
Departmental leaders spent every day ‘rounding’ for team collaborative Young families served [3] Family birth center 12 Labor and Delivery Rooms
27 Postpartum Rooms 24 bed PED unit Helped city develop new building typology and municipal code amendments since there was no hospital in the Town of Gilbert before
Constant collaboration while hospital was being built Tea at 4:00 PM Service Line Full service hospital
Teaching and research
Main focus on telemetry
Cardiac/stem-cell research - Dr. Nabil Dib
Design Elements Zaharenia Ashka Shannon First title Second title Body
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