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the winnipeg humane society

No description

thalia linares

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of the winnipeg humane society

The Winnipeg Humane Society
not all dogs have a home
That's why we have the WHS!
Type of business:
My business is a goods business that sells dogs,cats and other small creatures . Besides selling animals the humane society also has a charity to help the animals. The humane society also offers services such as grooming and training .
Productions and service information:


My business primary customers are famillies.The reason why my main customers are families are because most children ask there parents for a dogs. Young couples are also main customers for this business. The final costumers for this business are teens because they like to volunteer here to get high school credits.

The humane society is the oldest community organization and the biggest welfare organization in Manitoba. The humane society was founded 115 years ago and was built under the secretary house. The WHS used to be called "the society for prevention of cruelty to women ,children and animals" but, as more agencies were formed to support women and children the WHS focused on animals. The board of directors and founding members included business men, lawyers and progressively minded women. After two moves the humane society got a new building just for them to accommodate the 8,000 to 9,000 animals that pass through here annually.
My business offers many goods and services. They offer grooming for your dogs and cats, and training for your newly adopted pet. They also have a clinic right in the adoption facility.The main goods they sell are animals. Most of the animals are rescues but when dog has puppies they are sold separately or fostered. Other goods they sell include dog tooth paste, pet toys and cages which they sell in the store.
What makes my business successful:
What makes my business successful are its products. Most children like to have a pet and there parents get it for them. For most people they feel good when they help their community and that's why a lot of people adopt or foster. Another factor that make my business successful are the products they sell at their store. Most of the products that they sell are needed by most pet owners and are sold on sale for people who adopt.The final thing that makes the WHS successful are the different fund raising events they hold, like their annual walk to earn money. Theses events also get the word out about the humane society and promotes them.
barks!meows!and everything else we've got your perfect pet at the WHS.
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