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EPF Past, Present and Future

No description

marina mkhitaryan

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of EPF Past, Present and Future

Alternative Resources in Media
The Article 27 Talk Show
Social Innovation Camps
Regional Information Hubs
The Article 27 Talk Show
Youth and Community Leadership
Religious Tolerance
Creative Games
Open Forums
From Grantmaking to a
Think & Do Tank

What is wrong with our customs?
Why is environment being ruined?
How do we see Armenia in 2020?
Where do we stand in the Region?
What does the Government want?
Is plagiarism a norm?
Corruption and Ethics
Knowledge Based Development
Capacity Mapping
and Organizational Development
AntiCorruption Work
Labor Migration and Elite Migration
Donor Database
Grant Management Systems
Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment
Local Government and Inter Community Development
Community Resource Centers
We've learned to keep our institutional memory under a magnifying glass!
Work in Process
We don't do one-time project design.
We do Program Architecture!
Social Justice
Satirical Coverage
Internet Literacy
Citizen Reporting
Europe Program
We think and do
Reconciliation and Peace Building
Social Enterprise Development
Internet penetration and media literacy
Track2 diplomacy between Armenia and Turkey
Alternative Citizen Governance
We keep asking "What's the change we make?"
We don't recycle ideas.
We upcycle them!
Youth Entrepreneurship
Venture Capital
Gender Mainstreaming
Agricultural Innovations
Hazing in the Army?
We have a drop in the ocean!
Since 1995
the Impact
Youth Bank
Real Money
Real Lives
Real Change
Ijevan InfoTun
The power of
Positive Disruption
EF/EPF invested nearly $25 million in Armenia

GIND Printing House: since 1997
– EF purchased a four-color printing press.
– A profitable company responsible for 50 percent of the newspapers circulated in Armenia.
– By 2005, GIND repaid its $350,000 loan.

"Taron, they are not aesthetically appealing..."
S. Sargsyan, May 2012
Changes at EPF
Sovereign Local Governance

Local Director - EPF's Senior Executive
Armenian nationals in the Board
A jump towards regional leadership
Internet Usage
Caucasus Barometer, 2012, ARM, GEO, Az%
"Building peace through new media"
Expanding the methodology on Armenia-Azerbaijan

1. Yeva Hyusyan, Microsoft Innovation Center
2. Lara Cholakian, VivaCell-MTS
3. David Lawrence Lee, MagtiCom, Ltd
4. Mary Sheehan, International Organization for Migration, Ret. (Vice-Chair)
5. Dieter Boden, German Ambassador, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, ret.
6. Andrew Coxshall, KPMG
7. Danielle del Marmol, Belgian Ambassador, Retired
8. Jonathan Patrick Conrad Stark, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ireland to Armenia
9. Kenneth S. Yalowitz, United States Ambassador, ret., Dickey Center for International Understanding, Dartmouth College

We, the Generalists of Development
New address, new look
EPF spins off its research unit

New Northern InfoTun in Ijevan
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