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Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Andy Gillies

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of SWOT

• Support to Causeway and primaries
• Links with external educational partners
• Reputation locally and nationally
• Weekly Contact to key stakeholders
• Onsite Nursery
• Charitable fundraising
• International links and awards
• Support of parents, governors & Diocese
• Support to learners and families
• Local Christian agencies and Church links •Induction programme for new staff
•Staff opinion valued
•Investors in people award
•Loyalty and work ethic of staff
•Inset allowance structure •Chapel as a facility and the Chaplain
•The progress and development of ICT
•Good Inspection reports with some Outstanding features
•Refurbished Cafe, high quality food
•A generally attractive and well-cared for site • Existing Website out of date
• Staff consultation in casual admissions
• Induction of new HODs
• Ambiguity of the Post-16 status
• Staff attendance at some extra-curricular events
• Amount of pupil’s work around the school
• Perception that only interested in results
• Amount of staff and pupils leading worship
• Some Performance Management not stretching
• Some Inset and PM not linked to school priorities and has no impact • Use the VLE to review, update and display information
• Use latest technologies to obtain feedback about the school
• Use new ICT system to revamp evaluation / planning / PM / Inset
• Introduce weekly Inset
• Improve induction for vulnerable pupils
• Develop behaviour system using pupil input
• Use new Ofsted benchmarks to improve areas
• Create new inclusions & pupil support setup
• Celebrate other successes rather than academic
• Further work on environment & sustainability
• Develop the role of prefects
• Improve attendance at external church events
• Develop links with church
• Further promote Y8 residential to get 100% participation
• Get some expertise back from partnership work
• Improve the Inset finance allocation • New raised expectations from Ofsted
• Local and national guidelines hindering:
* Y7 induction
* Academic Tutoring days
* Post 16 setup
• Other schools competing for our initiatives eg) ICT support
• Financial constraints eg) building work & appointing staff
• A minority of pupils influencing the perception of behaviour Strengths Strengths Strengths Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats •Pupil induction in Y7
•ADDs for enterprise, citizenship & trips
•The quality of pastoral care
•The breadth and flexibility of the curriculum at KS4
•Year on year increase in results A*-C
•Progress of learners from KS2 to KS4
•Support to vulnerable individuals by Pupil Support
•Use of reward systems
•Focus on individual tracking and progress
•Regular communication between school and home Community, staff and pupils
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