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Developing an immersive 3D sling and hoist simulation

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cat oxley

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Developing an immersive 3D sling and hoist simulation

the story behind the development
Developing an immersive 3D sling and hoist simulation
new developments...
2006 child arrived with wheelchair, sling and hoist from home.
Why was that equipment brought in?
Sling tailor made for her - ?safer than hospital sling?

2008 Article for Osteogenesis Imperfecta "Brittle Bones" association.
Tailor made slings - sitting position.
1. The sling fits the child.
2. The sling is in good working order - no wear, tear or repairs.
3. The sling and hoist spreader bar are compatible.

Webpage conceived with static information - interaction required!
thinking worlds...
Funding - Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Children's Charity.
Created a 30-minute simulation.
Primary objective to aid with improved operator performance and awareness; thus reducing the number of accidents involving hoists.
Utilised three scenarios to provide different learning environments.
Learners performance recorded into our LMS - GOLD.
Bite size back care videos showing different techniques for moving & handling children.
3D learning game for children.

Bite size back care podcasts.
Bite size back care games for staff.
Two years research - establishing legal parameters.
National Backcare Exchange conference assisted with research.
2010 policy changed - enabling use of patients own slings.
In line with policy changes programme of upgrading hoists.
search for a solution...
Loved games and often invented board/paper-based games for her training sessions.
Wasn't keen on eLearning (and still not sure she likes computers much!)

Could see Kate's creativity in using games for learning and teaching.
Identified Kate's creative and the subject of moving & handling would be an ideal way of developing a 'serious game' /3D simulation.
Cat Oxley, Learning Innovations Lead

Kate Owen, Moving & Handling Trainer


+44 207405 9200

The GOSH team...

Cat Oxley
Learning Innovations Lead

Kate Owen
Moving & Handling Trainer
Serious games:
Innovative way to present learning to our staff.
As part of the Trust's commitment to innovate and improve patient care, we teamed up with award-winning serious games designer Caspian Learning.
GOLD - GOSH Online Learning & Development Portal
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