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The History of the e-Newsletter

No description

Elizabeth Gula

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of The History of the e-Newsletter

e-newletter a.k.a. "electronic newsletter" newsletter: "a small publication (as a leaflet or newspaper) containing news of interest chiefly to a special group," packaged in either plain text or HTML. (1704) The Boston News-Letter, founded by John Campbell (1722) Bartholomew Green takes over (1732) Green's son, John Draper, increases coverage 1800s--publication declines Publication resurfaces
in 20th century Babson's Report (1904)
American Letter
The Kiplinger Letter (1923)
The Whaley Eaton (1918) 1930s
Corporations and businesses
catch on.

(1934) Telecommunications Reports
(1964) The Newsletter on Newsletters Advent of personal computer (1980)
--> cheaper and easier to print
--> increases # of possible authors
--> quality becomes questionable The Internet (1990s)
--> electronic publication with clickable links,
instance access for anyone with an email address.
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