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Catherine Magpile

on 27 January 2014

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Mission Statement/Brand
What do they cover?
Business Model
The Breakdown
How Men's Health Magazine Ranks
Fitness / Health
Great sex. Great food. Endorphin-boosting exercise. Looking and feeling your best. We turned health into a concept every guy would want to embrace, starting with the healthy guy on the cover."
- David Zinczenko
"It's the brand for active, successful,
professional men who want greater
control over their physical, mental
and emotional lives. We give men
the tools they need to make their lives better through in-depth reporting covering everything from fashion and grooming to health and nutrition as well as cutting-edge gear, the latest entertainment, timely features and more"
- [Men'sHealth Media Kit]
"With its own local advisory board, no other magazine covers health and fitness with the kind of insight that Men’s Health delivers in every issue. For Men’s Health readers, health and fitness are their top concern as it is an essential part of their performance-driven lives." - [Summitmedia.com]
-workout plans
-training tips
-interviews with trainers and celebrities
-nutrition information
-"Eat this not That"
-meal prep
From breakfast to dinner and even happy hour, Men’s Health guides the reader into making healthy and nutritious food choices, without sacrificing the enjoyment in taste as much as possible.
- [Summitmedia.com]
-Photoshoots and interviews with models
-positions and "techniques
-health facts and studies
-relationship advice

"Men’s Health is the only magazine that offers truly useful tips and advice regarding relationships. It is this kind of insightful guy-advice that readers can trust to make their relationships stronger and more successful." -[Summitmedia.com]

-outfits for different occasions
-how to style different pieces
-men's fashion
-personal grooming

Men’s Health readers care about how they live and how they look. Every month, Men’s Health provides its readers with relevant self-driven information, along with the latest style trends, grooming products, services, and accessories they can use to look good and feel confident.
-Weight Loss
Target Audience:
Men (83.6%)
20-45 (39)
Moderate income ($50,000)
Casual readers
performance-driven, interested in health and physical upkeep

-Print Magazine(s)
-iPad/tablet apps
-phone apps

-translated and distributed in 40 countries

-Eat this not that (Book)
-Men's Delta Fit (Website)
-Girl Next Door (News letter)
-online subscription
-ad revenue
-sales from spin-offs and books
-$88,000- 269,000 for an ad
-$4.99 for single copy
-350,000 copies
-$24.26/year for subscription
-almost 1.5 million subscriptions
-largest male oriented magazine in the world
-40 versions in 47 countries
-the highest subscription price
-best seller in newsstands
-nominated for 15 magazine awards
-20 million readers worldwide!

Men's Health Magazine is started by Mark Bricklin

-originating as a health-oriented service magazine
-tested with 3 newsstand issues
Bricklin and Rodale officially launch Men'sHealth as a quartlery Magazine
-start sales of subscriptions
Bricklin appoints Mike Lafavore as editor
-while editor Lafavore grows subscriptions from 100,000 to over a million
-goes from quarterly to 10 issues a year
-made Men'sHealth an international brand
David Zinczenko becomes editor-in-cheif
-21 international editions
-circulation up 30%
-ad pages up 80%
Men'sHealth starts using celebrities and athletes on its covers
-Rodale files a lawsuit against Men's fitness for doing the same to "confusing consumers"
Attempt to increase online traffic
-adding videos to every category
-boosting amount of bloggers
-adding an online ad sales director

Launches Fitschools Charity foundation initiative to combate childhood obesity
Partnered with Google for backissues (online storage of previous magazines)
...where all these photos came from!)
-20th anniversary issue featured interview with Obama
Men'sHealth is one of the first consumer magazines on iPads
-app called Men's Health Workouts
-has remained in or near top 10
in the Health/Fitness category
David Zinczenko is replaced with (still editor) Bill Phillips
The End Result...
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