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Research Presentation

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Helen Graham

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Research Presentation

Research Presentation by
Student Name

Include the author's name, the title of the work, and the literary criticism approach you used. For example:

Chinua Achebe's
Things Fall Apart
- A Postcolonial Approach
Provide background information to help your audience understand the nature of the work. Provide background information about the following:
the novel, movie, or play
the author
critical reception
thesis statement
Background Con't
African idea of masculinity
African cultural beliefs
Chinua Achebe
Provide a brief summary of the novel, movie, or play. This summary should be included in your research paper and should not exceed one paragraph. Your paragraph should not extend beyond half a page.
Provide your analysis/interpretation/evaluation using one of the literary criticism approaches. This analysis should be an outline of your paper. Use bullet points. For example:

Communal support
Break from tradition
List all of the references used in your research paper. Use correct MLA citations. You can literally copy your works cited page and include it here.
Explain why you chose your literary criticism approach.

In your own words, define your chosen literary criticism approach.
Q & A
Answer questions from your audience.
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