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Do you trust everything you see online?

No description

Chrissie Rob

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Do you trust everything you see online?

Do you trust everything you see online?
An octopus in a tree and Victorian robots?!
Go to these websites:

Homework help....
Awesome - you found a great site to help
you with your social studies homework!

So how can you check?
does it seem reliable and professional?
where do the links lead?
Do these websites look reliable to you?

Where could you check whether the information is true?

Try to find some evidence to prove whether they are fake or real.
Go to Treasure Hunts and choose an explorer for your quest.
check the URL (.com .org .biz .net).
type the URL into www.easywhois.com to identify the owner.

find at least three other sources to check the information.
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