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Leading The H-E-B Way

a competency model

Maxwell Maurer

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Leading The H-E-B Way

Communicate & Influence
Build Relationships
Service Mentality
Build Talent Adaptability
Drive For Results
Innovation Expertise/Technical Knowledge
Integrity & Ethics
Decision Making
Strategy There Are 10 Key
Factors That Contribute To
Consistent High Standards &
Conditions During the Department Walk through. DATA PARTNERS EFFICIENCY SANITATION SIGNING IN-STOCKS FRESHNESS FACILITY MERCHANDISING IN-STOCKS A Heart For Passion A Passion For Results A Head For Business QBQ
The Question Behind The Question
Get Abstract Asking better questions about your reasons results in better answers. Why:
makes you feel powerless When:
Delays finding an answer. Who:
Assign blame Begin with "what" or "Why"
Contain "I" and focus on ACTION! Data
Merchandising $Shrink$ Out of date
Damage Sales-COGS-Shrink=Gross-
Manager Controllable=Income Store Financial Starts out as $1.00
Ends up as income of $0.03 Communication is a competency I would like to improve. Choosing the right word can change the outcome of any situation. Listening is just as powerful. I will grow stronger in communication by listening to the other person, thinking about what they say, reiterate what you think they just said, this way you are confirming what they are saying. Then its time for me to respond. I would like to improve on my technical knowledge and expertise regarding HEB and the grocery industry. I would like to know the "big picture" of HEB. During my 2 years at HEB I have become familiar with many departments and their tools. To know their inner workings would be very interesting to me. I will become more knowledgeable with the core of HEB by asking questions and researching questions on partnernet and store leaders. I have become a stronger partner because of my passion for results. I have been a leader is sales because I do not wait for someone else to perform. I ask questions and solve problems. I will find my product, stock it and sell it. I strive for continuous improvement in how my department runs. Supplies were not available so I asked to start ordering them. This way we will have what we need. Carts and tools were not up to my expectations. I made a point to take a different cart each day and fully clean and restock it before the end of my shift. These simple ways of taking control of my work environment help make my department stronger.
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