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Why StudyFrench

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Joey Chambers

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Why StudyFrench

By Joey "Francois" Chambers and Riley "Vincent" McGowan A Brief History of the French Language:

French, along with other Romance languages like Spanish and Italian, started from Latin. Latin was used as the main language of the Catholic Church. Latin was also the language of educated individuals. Latin words were adopted into the French language and contributed strongly to the evolution of the language. As an example, the French word "bien" which means “well” is similar to the Latin word "bene" which also means “well”. Other examples of Latin and French similar words are:

corpus (Latin) = corps (French) both mean "body"
est (Latin) = est (French) both mean "is"
mare (Latin) = mer (French) both mean "sea"

Eventually, French changed into its own language and became used worldwide. You can't learn a language without learning their Alphabet! If you study
French, you will
be able to communicate
with the people in other
countries that speak French. Countries highlighted
in light blue speak
French. Dark Blue
countries do not. Why Study French? http://www.alsintl.com/resources/languages/french/ http://www.languagehelpers.com/languagefacts/french.html http://suite101.com/article/a-brief-history-of-the-french-language-a75347 Check This Out!!!!!!!!!!
More facts about The French Language:

There are 29 countries that use French as an official language.
Some of these countries include:
Ivory Coast

French is a common language of several other countries such as Morocco and Tunisia.

The Alphabet used by French is the Roman alphabet. Other facts about French

Number of speakers:
As a first language, 75 million people - many more speak it as a second language.
The amount of French speakers in some of the countries are as follows:
51 million people in France; 7.2 million in Canada; 3.3 million in Belgium; 1.2 million in Switzerland; 17,000 in Monaco; 100,000 in Italy; 2 million in the United states; (mostly in Maine and Louisiana). In sub-Saharan Africa, about 5 million people (in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, etc. etc.) use French as their main international language, as do additional millions in Indochina Brief Summary

Now that we know more about the French language, how will it help us in life? Well, if you become a French Teacher, Translator, etc. you will be able to tell students and people all about the history of the French language. If you study French, your English will improve by 30% because the French language has a lot of English words - Just a little different. Also, if you go to another country where French is spoken, like Canada, you Will be able to understand them, talk to them in French and it will be easier to order food, get directions and other important things. You could also get a job in a country where French is spoken, and be able to work there. La Fin The History & Interesting Facts about the language
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