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Fun with Photography

No description

Kristin Johnson

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Fun with Photography

- anything that looks like it could be real but you know isn't real
- putting a picture into another picture (layering) or erasing away some parts of a picture
Stop Motion
- making a picture look like a comic or making your own comic or replicating a comic
- can be accomplished using sparklers, LED lights, iPod/iPhone flashlights, etc.
- longer exposure is needed
Light Painting
Fun with Photography
- Even just changing the color of a picture
- Adding other layers or other things over a picture
- Or just using a filter in one of the editing software programs or on an iPod/iPhone
- a fast shutter speed is needed
- you can have fun with arranging paper or just looking at things differently
- Adding people into a picture multiple times in different places
- Selective color
- twisting, warping, or distorting a picture
- Taking a picture of the reflections in a glass is pretty cool too
- Making something bigger or smaller than what they really are in real life
- making pictures look old fashioned or ghostly
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