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Role of Media in Building Brand

No description

kiềuanh lê

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Role of Media in Building Brand

P&G Background :

P&G touches and improves the lives of about 4.4 billion people around the world with its portfolio of trusted, quality brands.
Include a huge number of well-known products & operate in 80 countries, available in more than 180 countries worldwide. ( Asia Pulse ,2012)
P&G existed over 160 years but mostly known as the parent company overseeing in a house of brand (John & Jessica , 2013).

Purposes of the presentation:

Businesses nowadays position “branding” as its top management priority (Keller & Lehmann 2004).
Discuss the role of media in building brand through 'Thank You , Mom" campaign.
Propose recommendations for the future application in Vietnam market.

Key learnings:
effective messages go to audience's heartstrings
Get target public participate in the campaign .
Apply various & connective media channels.

Recommendations for Vietnamese brands:
In order to achieve long term success:
Meaningful products ,marketing communication mix up the supporting media .
Care about brand values, respected services,quality products..etc.
Beyond satisfactions of basic needs ( John,D & Jessica,H 2012).

Case Study : "Thank You, Mom"
Background information P&G
How to building brand
"Thank You, Mom" campaign
Brand Strategies
Role of media in building P&G Brand
The media uses
Key learnings
"Thank You, Mom" campaign
Definition :
a name, term, sign, symbol or design
identify the goods and services of brands
differentiate from those of competition (American Marketing Association)

How to Build:
follow on 4 fundamental steps:
Brand identity (who are you?)
Brand meaning (what are you?)
Brand responses (what about you?)
Brand relationships (what about you and me?)
(Keller, K 2008)

Roles of Media in Building P&G
P&G Case Study _Roles of Media
Internet Advertising:

: “Kids”, “Raising an Olympian”& “Mumifesto”. Attract more than 26 million viewers.

: #thankyoumom
“Team mom blog” (Corporate with Yahoo)
:pictures / words to mums. Gained about 800.000 likes

Smartphone apps
: personalized content in the form of video (Mobithinking 2013) .

for Olympic London 2012 .
TVC ads:
“Best job”
"To their moms they'll always be kids" ( John, F 2013)

Print Ads:
Newspapers, magazine.

Outdoor Ads:
Billboards, bus-stops Ads
Roles of media in building P&G brand
Social network:
Interactive conversations between the brand and target audiences.
Short films/videos:
Achieve P&G both types of objectives from target audience.
Linking of online channels:
Recall and remember the brand as well as its action.
The repetition of P&G’s logo :
Increasing brand identity.
"Thank You, Mom" campaign
ARF 2013, “David Ogilvy Award – Case study: P&G “Thank you Mom””, THE ARF, corporate copy
American Marketing Association 2011, “Common terms”, AMA
Keller, K. 2008 “Strategic brand management”, 3rdedition, Pearson Education
Mobithinking 2013, “Lastest mobile statistics”, mobithinking
Mudambi, Susan 2001, “Branding importance in business-to-business markets - Three buyer clusters”, Industrial Marketing Management
Tyagi, Shivani 2013, “Brands and branding: Research finding and future priority”, VSRD International Journal
"Procter & Gamble Commits to Global 'Thank You Mom' Campaign for London 2012 Olympic Games", 2012, Health & Beauty Close - Up, .
P&G 2012, “P&G earns praise for “Best job” Commercial, innovation, sustainability efforts”, P&G news
John, D & Jessica, H 2013 " Sports Marketing: Creating Long Term Value “, in Edward Elgar Publishing, USA.
Communication objectives:
To raise awareness 45% of target market about the mothering role of P&G in 2012.
Action objectives:
To motivate 25% target public to send messages to say “thank you” to their moms through smartphone apps from July 2012.
To encourage 30% of target public participate in the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Brand Strategies
Brand identity:
P& G Co.reflected at the mirrors an Olympic medal.
Brand meaning:
emphasized love and trust,gained emotional and touch feeling.
Brand responses
:admiration as having mothers or being mothers themselves
Brand relationships:
components of its sponsorship in natural procession.

"We believe that behind every athlete is an even more amazing mom"

GRAP2413_ Roles of Media in Building Brand
Ngo Phung Phuong Anh_ s3410598
Le Kieu Anh _s3426536
Vu Hong Nhung_s3426549

Celebration of 100 Days to go until Olympics London 2012.
Team USA Youth Sports Fund.
Olympic London 2012-new era in Olympic broadcasting( digipage 2012).
Tag line :
The hardest job in the world is truly the best job in the world.
P&G is in the business of helping mums, not just mums of Olympians, all mums, all around the world.

Marc Pritchard
Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer
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