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Our Early Immigrants

No description

Vivien Sim

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Our Early Immigrants

Our Early Immigrants

They Came.
They Lived.
They Contribute.
What you need to know

Reasons affecting mass migration in the 19th C.
The reasons for different groups of immigrants for coming to Singapore during Colonial rule
Their contributions to Singapore
Inference exercise:
Study this table. What can you infer about the immigrants in Singapore in the 19th century? Explain your answer.
To what extent
is the population growth in Singapore in the 19th century
due to external events?
Significant external events in the 18th and 19th century
affecting for mass migration
The Industrial Revolution
The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869
Think: So why did it affect Singapore? Why should they
about a population boom in Singapore?
Refer to text pg 100
Reasons for Mass migration - Closer to Singapore

What caused them to
Harsh living conditions - Poverty and Starvation
Overpopulation leading to famine in
Unrest due to rebellions in
Unrest in Java due to the
Java Wars
Overpopulation in
Natural disasters such like famine and drought in
leading to shortage food.
Wars and rebellions in

Refer to text pg 110-119
And so why Singapore? What attracted them?

As a new settlement, it attracted
due to
better business opportunities,
and attracted
due to
the abundance of job opportunities.
Singapore was the center of trade in the region (along the Straits of Melaka and between Europe, India and China
Jigsaw puzzle? Why?
Pls note that some are general reasons. The reasons vary with different gps of immigrants and over different periods of time.
Pause to think.
Jot down you thoughts...
Refer to grp work for the different reasons
Essay practice
Why did the immigrants come to Singapore? Can you
at least 2 reasons using the PEEL structure?
Refer to pg 134 of your text. V Impt!
As you watch the video, ponder
How did the opening of the Suez Canal affect the growth of Singapore as a trading hub, which in turn attracted many to come for trade and work.
Was the opening of the Suez Canal affected by the Industrial Revolution?
Also Refer to Pg 106 Textbook
Additional resources
Watch how The Boxer Rebellion in China(1898) as a cause of civil unrest in China
Watch(5:25-9:30) how wars in Java(Indonesia) affected the locals
Learn more about the famines under British rule
Watch how the Industrial Revolution affected the world.
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