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Career shadowing

No description

Karissa Maze

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Polk County Sheriff Office Purpose Of the Company The purpose of the Polk County
Sheriff office is to maintain law
in order within the County Company in 15 years The Polk County Sheriff
will be well into the 20 first century with the most advanced technology, weapons and crime fighting equipment. Employability Skills Communication skills computer skills Ex: Talk to an
inmate with a
firm but fair
manner. be able to control
hostile situations ex: telling a inmate to get into his/her cell and they resist motivate people
to do what they
are asked. Average Salary The average salary is
40,000 a year Education and requirements needed Criminal Justice Standards
through the State of Florida High school education No criminal record past a psychological
evalution polygraph examination interview with the
human resources Technology used Computer microsoft office e-mail Police radios Telephone Pursue A Career
with this Company? Not really, because I am
not into Law enfoce
activities and requirements.
Also I don't want to work
criminals. Best part about the Job
The best part about
this job is seeing how
the inmate live and how
they adapt to their new
enviroment. Dislike about this Job I didn't really dislike
any of it because it
was interesting to me.
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