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Chronology of project

No description

Minnesota History Day

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Chronology of project

Place your topic in historical context
What information do we need to know that is going to help understand your topic?

What outside circumstances are going to influence your topic that we need to know about?
Leading up to the "heart of your story"
Who are the main players and what are they doing to prepare for the main events of your topic?

Give more specific information related to your topic than "background" section.

What are the events leading up to the main event?

What is life like before the main events of your topic?
Main Event
Major, specific details about the main events in your topic.

This it the heart of your story
Short Term Impact
And as a result...
What are some of the immediate reaction to the main event shortly after it happened?

What changed? New laws? New way of thinking?

Who was affected by the event?

How is the world different after the main events of your topic? Examples?

So what?
Why is this topic important in history?

What is the long term significance?

What were the intended/unintended consequences?

What do you want the reader to take away from your project?
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