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assigment #3

sound track

Reggie Simpson

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of assigment #3

sound track for the hunger games
this song goes when they are in the cave and pettea is hurt. I think it belong here because the lyrics macthes the sustion and also it. Goes with the mood.
this song goes when they are comming into the opening cerinimo. I choose this song because their opening costum was fire so they were on fire.
Song one
Song #2
Song #3
I think that this song goes at when reu and catniss go to destroy the carreres food and items. Also reu lits the fires.
song #4
jump than fall
what doesent kill you
set fire to the rain
what makes you beautiful
this song goes when catniss and pettea are the last ones and the guy changes the rule only one person can win the games and they both go and atempted to eat the berrys.
song #5
this song goes when pettea ameats that he loves catniss on the tv show
song #6
I think this song belongs at the part where is all by her self and she wants peeta
need you now
song #7
this song belongs when reu dies and she is putting flowers around her
white horse
the sound track to the hunger
games remix by reggie simpson

love you like a love song
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