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The Youngest Doll

No description

anissa elhaiesahar

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of The Youngest Doll

Group Activity
Go to Kahoot.it and put in the pin

According to your scores, 3 top finalists will be determined.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finalists. Pay close attention.
Assessment Time!
1) Take out a half sheet of paper. Write down the hypothesis of who you believe the doll is.

2) Match up with your presentation groups to discuss.

1 point for the hypothesis
2 points for textual evidence and commentary


=3 points in total

The Youngest Doll
The Youngest Doll
Time to read, children.
Let's Wrap It Up
Thank You For Watching!!!
We Are#Womennotobjects
aunt's ulcer= decay of aunts youth and family
prawns=those who feed off of /benefit from wealthy
dolls= preservation of young women & the treatment of them (powerless)
Magic realism

is a fascinating story-telling technique. When a realistic narrative is combined with surreal

elements of a dream or fantasy
1. Values of doctors+ their clients- the newly rich Americans who took over Puerto Rico's economy prey upon the old aristocracy- money + status
2. Values and position of sugarcane aristocracy- they are no longer powerful, and are now poor- what goes around comes around again cycle of human interaction
3. Lives led by women- women had no power at all and used as living dolls
Revenge/fight for independence
born in 1938, in Ponce, Puerto Rico
one of Puerto Rico's upper-class families
island had been controlled by powerful families who owned

sugar cane, coffee, and tobacco plantations

on which the economy was based.
the wealth and influence of these families declined after the
Spanish-American War

in 1898
, when the island was surrendered to the United States.
began writing professionally at age 14
published articles in El Nuevo Día newspaper
advocate of independence
won prize for Papeles de Pandora
; a collection of her short stories
Rosario Ferré
Page 710

Nava Elhaiesahar
Anissa Elhaiesahar
Nika Khoroshi
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