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Dezerae Washington

Foundational Knowledge and Skills

Dezerae Washington

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Dezerae Washington

Dezerae Washington
6th BLK
1/ 29/ 2013 Leadership and Teamwork Technical Skills Systems Problem Solving and
Critical Thinking Safety, Health, and the Environment Communication Information Technology
Applications Employability and Career
Development With good employability and career development skills, you are able to start thinking about your career and
setting goals, including where you want to live, what
kind of job you want to do, how much money you want to earn, and then developing good plans that will help
you reach these goals. When a person is using informational technology,
you are able to do lot high-tech You could probably
be a big help to a person who might need it. You can do problem solving by
thinking on your feet. You will be able to demonstrate and promote safety
and health and be aware of protecting the
surrounding environment while working in the
career cluster industry you choose. different fields. FOUNDATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS
2.Ethics, Systems
3. Teamwork
4. Career Development
5. Problem Solving
6. Critical Thinking
7. Information Technology Application
8. Legal Responsibilities
9. Communication Safety
10. Health, and Environment To listen and understand what others say to you. You will be able to read and write so that others will understand what you want to say to them, also. With good leadership skills, you will be able to lead
groups of people in such areas as sports, group work
or problem solving. You will be able to contribute with others to
achieve group goals. With good technical skills, you
will be able to choose and use
tools and equipment that are
needed to do your work.
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