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Yemen Traditional & Unique Places

No description

Osama Esam

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Yemen Traditional & Unique Places

Traditional & Unique Places
By: Osama,Reem & Nabil
First Destination " Socatra"
First Destination " Old Sana'a City "
Old Sana'a City
*)To see old Sana'a for the first time is like a vision, a dream world of fantasy, a place seen in dreams.

*)Sana'a which is the capital of Yemen since 1962, One of the most ancient cities in the world and entering its oldest quarter has been described as the closest thing to time travel experience . The old city which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

*)Sana'a has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years, Between the 7th - 8th century the city played a major part for the propagation of Islam.
Old Sana'a City
( Building Structure)
Building Structure :

*)It consist of : 103 mosques which some were built centuries ago
14 hammams ( Turkish Bath )
More than 6,000 old houses built before the 11th century
Each quarter has a mosque , a Hammam and a garden around where the houses are built.

*)The ancient tower blocks consisting of a 6 stories high and some are even 9 stories high, Having the ground floor built with black lava stone and the upper floors are decorated with geometric shapes and horizontal bands.
The interior has a staircase which leads to the upper floors which leads to a large common room, a diwan , smaller private rooms and on the top floor the " Mefraj" a room which is surrounded by large windows.

*)The old City has also many markets inside for selling different products such as the cloth market, the grain market, the cattle market, the silverware market, the coffee market , the carpet market, the salt market and other markets as well.

Second Destination " Aden "
Third Destination " Socatra"
Third Destination " Socatra"
Some other unique places of Yemen
Al-Mukallah Harbour
The Mosque In Sana'a
World's First Skyscraper ( Shibam )
Yemen Cliff Towers
Yemen fortress ( Taiz )
Dar Al-Hajar ( Shibam )
Shahara's Bridge
IBB City
Cisterns of Tawila ( Aden )
The Throne of Queen Balkis
Any Questions
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