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Spreadsheets - the basics

No description

Mr Parr

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Spreadsheets - the basics

Autofill is found in most spreadsheet packages and helps to quickly enter frequently used series of data. Examples include:
Days of the Week
Series of Numbers

Autofill works by dragging the bottom right-hand corner of a cell. As you hover the mouse over the corner, a cross will appear. Click and drag either down, or across to fill other cells. Autofill Spreadsheets A cell can be formatted to give the data meaning. Watch the video below to learn how to format cells in a spreadsheet. Formatting Cells Each box in the spreadsheet is called a cell. Each cell has its own reference label, named after the column and row that its positioned in.
In the spreadsheet below, the shaded cell is where column B and row 3 meet. This cells reference is B3. Columns, Rows & Cells This spreadsheet has nine rows and six columns A spreadsheet is made up of rows and columns.
Rows go across the page and are labelled with numbers.
Columns go down the page and are labelled at the top with letters. Columns, Rows & Cells However, typing in every cell you want to add together can be quite time consuming, so it’s better to use the SUM function:
(B4:D4) just means all the cells from B4 to D4. To find the total cost of buying the computer, computer desk and printer from Shop 3, you need to use the formulae:
=B4+C4+D4 Simplifying Formula You can use a simple addition formula to find out how much a computer and printer from Shop 1 would cost.
Price of Computer = Cell B2
Price of Printer = Cell D2
The formula to add these two together is B2 + D2 Below is a spreadsheet showing the cost of computer equipment from three shops. Calculations using Simple Formula You can use the average function to find out the average price of a computer:
=AVERAGE(B2:B4) Simplifying Formula All formulae in Spreadsheets need to begin with the = sign. This tells the cell to expect a formulae.
Other simple formulae you should know are listed in the table below. Type in: = B2+D2 Calculations using a Simple Formula
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