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Coparing me to Stephanie Nielson

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Coparing me to Stephanie Nielson

Comparing me and Stephanie Nielson
1st alike
How I am like Stephanie Nielson, is that we are both strong members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints! A.K.A. LDS. She has used the church through her hard times and I have used it hard times. She used it when she had been trying to recover from her airplane crash. I have used it when my family was going through a really hard time!!!!!!!!!
2nd alike
We are both come from big families. My family is a family of nine and her family is a family of about 8. I love my big family and being close to all of them. She talks in her book about how she has become so close to her family and how they helpet her get through recovery!!! I love my family and I would love to
Stephanie and Me
I am like Stephanie but is some ways I think that I could NEVER do what she did. She was able to recover from a 80% burn. She was in a coma for two months and was able to recover. I could have never had that much strength to get through all of the the things she went through!!!!! Some things that we both want though is I want to have a family of my own.
1st difference
She is so strong and she has had a huge trial in her life that I don't think that I could have gone through! She is so strong and I don't think I could have had that many shots and that many surgeries!! She was able to over come it all though so I think that she had a very strong will to live!!
I think that Stephanie Nielson is so amazing and awesome. Some people might not agree that she is amazing but I think that she is one of the most inspiring people in the world!! First off she was able to live after able to walk after the crash to. I have not had to do any thing like that in my life. But I really liked finding out more about Stephanie Nielson. It also taught me not to judge people by their looks because you never know what they have been through!!
LDS temple
Picture of her book
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